New York Daily News

July 23, 2007


Lynch's march to nowhere

It sure is getting lonely for Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch. Two more major unions have reached inflation-busting, no-giveback settlements with City Hall, while his members' last contract expired three years ago.

The sanitation workers and the fire officers agreed to four-year deals, boosting pay 17% and total compensation 20%. The sanit pact eliminated low starting salaries imposed on New York's Strongest in 2005 after Lynch and the PBA set a disastrous pattern through arbitration. And union President Harry Nespoli made his the city's first uniformed local to get Martin Luther King Day as a holiday.

Nespoli and Uniformed Fire Officers Association chief John McDonnell showed smarts in working out deals that benefit their members and are fair to the city. Lynch, meanwhile, is leading the PBA on an expedition to a promised land that doesn't exist. Sooner or later, his members will realize they are on a fool's errand that is damaging the NYPD, weakening the war on crime and doing them no good. Is there any reason a new sanitation worker should earn more than a rookie cop? No. And Lynch is to blame.