New York Daily News

December 7, 2007

Police seek to halt cop-killer's parole


ALBANY - City cops and their retired colleagues are putting heat on the state Parole Board to nix the planned release of a convict who killed a cop at a Brooklyn sporting-goods store in 1973.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told the Daily News the union is hoping the board will rescind the release of Shuaib Raheem, 58, and conduct a new hearing after it gets an earful from Patricia Gilroy, the widow of slain Officer Stephen Gilroy. The officers who dodged gunfire after thugs invaded the store in January 1973 will also lobby.

"It's just outrageous they're even considering allowing mopes like this back onto the street," Lynch said, noting "dozens" of cops are expected to show up at a Dec. 21 victim-impact hearing.State officials said the board could reconsider the decision to grant parole to Raheem after the victim-impact statements are taken.

Normally, such statements are heard before a parole hearing, but in this instance the Gilroy family had not been notified by Brooklyn prosecutors.