New York Daily News

April 23, 2008 

N.Y. cop mag listing Finer paying jobs


City cops hoping for a pay raise now can peruse help-wanted ads in their own union's magazine.

The city's largest police union announced Tuesday that it will list job vacancies from better-paying police departments for free in its magazine and on its Web site - angering Mayor Bloomberg.

The move, which comes just days after out-of-town police departments courted city cops at a Manhattan job fair, continued the long-running feud over police pay between the Patrolman's Benevolent Association and City Hall.

"If the city of New York won't pay our members a fair and reasonable salary for the dangerous job that we do, then we will have to help our members find jobs in cities that will appreciate their work and pay them fairly," said PBA President Patrick Lynch.

The PBA magazine New York's Finest publishes four times a year and is mailed to the homes of active and retired cops. The next edition comes out in the fall.

The union has criticized the $25,100 annual salary that NYPD recruits earn while in the Police Academy, as well as their $32,800 pay after graduation and the $59,588 maximum salary after seven years.

By comparison, the San Jose Police Department, which recruited at the recent job fair, pays rookies $70,307. Its top pay reaches $107,853 after just seven years.

Bloomberg blasted the PBA yesterday, blaming its leaders for shortchanging rookie cops in a bid to pay senior officers more. The current pay structure was imposed by an arbitration panel in 2005 after the union and City Hall failed to agree on a pact.

"What a disgrace," Bloomberg said of the union's decision to run ads for out-of-city jobs.

"I don't think that represents the view of 99.999% of the police officers who dedicate their lives every day to protecting the city," Bloomberg said. "I think that is an insult to them."