New York Daily News

August 12, 2008 

Slayers' parole hearing grim day for cop's kin


Two thugs who murdered an off-duty cop trying to stop them from stealing his neighbor's car in 1980 are up for parole.

Barrington Young, 49, and Paul Ford, 46, appeared before the Parole Board last week nearly three decades after they shot NYPD Officer Harry Ryman, who ran out of his Brooklyn home in his pajamas to confront them.

"It's so draining," said Margaret Ryman-Rainone, 44, one of Ryman's five children. "While I understand that all these years have passed, I'm still 16 again. ... revisiting all the pain."

A week after her Sweet 16 birthday, Margaret's father ran from their Flatlands house with his badge and gun to stop Young, Ford and Cornelius Bucknor from boosting the car.

The men opened fire and fatally wounded Ryman.

The thugs were arrested after Ford went to the hospital for treatment. Bucknor is not eligible for parole until next year.

The family, which opposes parole for the killers, will learn as early as next month whether Young and Ford will be freed, but even if they are denied parole, the struggle to keep them in prison will go on. The two men will continue to have parole hearings every two years.

"These cold-blooded cop killers should never be permitted to walk among civilized society again," said Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.