New York Daily News

August 22, 2008 

New York's Finest get a little richer with new police contract


Thanks to their first contract in many years that got approved
without arbitration, New York's Finest are getting a raise.

Starting pay for the NYPD will hit nearly $42,000 under a four-year pact that pushes police salaries up 17%, Mayor Bloomberg announced Thursday.

"We believe this will help make the job more attractive to potential recruits," said Bloomberg.

This is the second deal the city reached with cops in three months - and the first time in more than a decade it was determined without a state arbitration panel.

The last contract raised rookie pay from $25,100 - a figure that crippled recruitment - to $35,881.

This tentative contract, which covers 2006 to 2009, awards annual 4% raises, bringing the pay range from $41,975 for rookies to $76,488 for veterans.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, called the pact "creative and historic" for his 23,000 members.

The contract restores three vacation days for new hires and allows officers to make mandatory visits to the shooting range during workdays instead of personal time.

In exchange, the PBA agreed to drop six suits against the city.

"I've never been shy to stand on the steps of City Hall to say I didn't agree with something ... Well I'm equally not shy to stand inside City Hall and to say something is right. This is right," Lynch said.

Longevity pay, holiday pay, night shift differential and other additions push the package to nearly $92,000, officials said.

"If you don't pay your people well, they won't be able to concentrate on their job," Bloomberg said.

He conceded that cop salaries in neighboring Nassau County still outpace the city but said "this brings up the level dramatically."