New York Daily News

January 30, 2010

Police union chief Patrick Lynch says cops used 'necessary force' in Brooklyn beating caught on film


Mayor Michael Bloomberg gives a dire forecast before a joint legislative hearing on the proposed budget in Albany on Monday.    
Davial Rowe (l.) and Nagi Benson were charged with assault on New Year's Eve. A video shows three cops kicking and punching an apparently restrained Benson in an alley.

The police union chief said Friday that cops caught on video kicking and punching a Brooklyn suspect were using "necessary force" to restrain him.

"What is sometimes misunderstood is that necessary force looks violent and is never pretty," Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said.

"Unfortunately, it must sometimes be applied by police in order to gain control of a violent situation or to arrest an uncooperative suspect," Lynch said.

Prosecutors and the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau have begun probes into the arrest of Nagi Benson, 24, and Davial Rowe, 23.

Police say they clobbered cops dispersing a New Year's crowd in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and they were charged with assault.

A video shows three cops tackling Benson in an alley, then punching and kicking him while he's apparently restrained.

Lynch said the video isn't the whole story and accused Benson's lawyer, Fred Lichtmacher, of exploiting it for financial gain.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, who earlier condemned the beating of a suspect in the Bronx, declined to comment.