New York Daily News

October 27, 2010


Cop killer, accomplice plead
not guilty to shooting day before
murdering Officer Russel Timoshenko

By Thomas Zambito and Corky Siemaszko


Above: Robert Ellis (left), Dexter Bostic (center), during their hearing Wednesday. Bostic was convicted of killing Officer Rusell Timoshenko in 2008.
Photo: ellis kaplan

At right: Police Officer Russel Timoshenko.

Photo: Michael Albans


Ignoring angry glares, a convicted cop killer and his accomplice pleaded not guilty Wednesday to shooting a Queens man a day before their cold-blooded murder of Officer Russel Timoshenko.

Dexter Bostic and Robert Ellis avoided the eyes of Timoshenko's mother and the officers packing the Queens courtroom as they were charged with attempted murder, robbery and eight other charges.

"I don't see any remorse on their faces," said Timoshenko's disgusted mother, Tatyana Timoshenko. "They're just smiling."

Flanked by other officers who came to watch the proceeding, Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said these two "tried to kill before they killed one of New York City's finest."

"We're here today to make sure that these two maggots never walk the streets of this city again," he said.

Prosecutors say Bostic used the same .45-caliber weapon that killed Timoshenko to shoot Carl Field in the leg on July 8, 2007.

"The defendants are accused of senselessly but deliberately shooting their victim before robbing him of cash and personal effects," District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Bostic, 38, is serving a life term for slaying the beloved Brooklyn cop and wounding his partner Herman Yan. The officers were ambushed after stopping a stolen SUV the day after the Field shooting.

Prosecutors say Bostic and Ellis ambushed the then 20-year-old Field as he stood on a street corner and Bostic shot him.

Then Bostic held a gun to the wounded Field's head and forced him to hand over $1,800 in cash, a chain and his car keys before roaring off.

Ellis, 37, who was acquitted of killing Timoshenko but convicted of weapons possession, was at the wheel of the getaway car when Bostic robbed Field. He is serving a 15-year term for weapons possession.

Both men are from Far Rockaway. If convicted, Bostic faces up to 25 years to life in prison and Ellis faces up to 25 years in prison.