New York Daily News

December 3, 2010


Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts would take 49 NYPD officers off streets


One of Mayor Bloomberg's cost-cutting measures means roughly 50 fewer cops will be patrolling city streets, union and police sources said.

Bloomberg ordered the NYPD to halt a decades-old practice of "buying back" up to five days of vacation time per officer starting Jan 1.

The move is expected to save roughly $1 million through next June and $4 million a year after that, according to the mayor's savings plan.

But it comes at a cost.

In recent years, about 2,600 cops a year have opted to work during vacation - collecting vacation pay on top of their regular pay.

That translated into the equivalent of 49 additional cops on the streets over the course of a year, police and city sources said.

"The city is eliminating a program that provides police protection to the city in a cost-effective manner," said Patrick Lynch, president of the city's patrol officers union.