New York Daily News

April 8, 2011


Emotions run high as George Villanueva pleads not guilty to murder of NYPD Officer Alain Schaberger


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  Josefa Villanueva, mom of suspect in cop's death, kneels to proclaim son's innocence.

An accused NYPD cop killer pleaded not guilty Thursday to shoving the officer to his death, sparking an emotional outburst outside a Brooklyn courtroom.

George Villanueva, 42, pleaded not guilty to two indictments - aggravated murder of Officer Alain Schaberger, 42, and domestic violence against his girlfriend Kim Dykstra, which ultimately led to the deadly scuffle last month.

"I swear by the Bible my son is innocent," the suspect's mother, Josefa Villanueva, yelled in a hallway in Brooklyn Supreme Court after the brief hearing.

"These are lies by the 84 [Precinct]," she said while kneeling and clutching a copy of the Bible.

After she was escorted away, the officer's father, Paul Schaberger, spoke calmly.

"I believe ... this individual will pay for the death of my son," he said.

Villanueva, whose rap sheet includes nearly 30 arrests, is charged with hurling the cop off a Boerum Hill stoop as he was being collared for domestic abuse.

The officer fell 9 feet and broke his neck.

Defense lawyer Kleon Andreadis cited eyewitnesses as saying Schaberger's partner was the one who actually caused the fatal fall.

"Clearly, he never lunged at the officer who fell over the rail or pushed him over the rail," he said of his client.

Police union President Patrick Lynch and close to 100 cops packed the courtroom for the hearing, staring at the defendant.

Villanueva accepted the judge's suggestion to appear via video for his next court date, June 17.

"We will be here. He should be here," Lynch protested outside court.

"This person is a cold-blooded animal, a killer who should be behind bars, who wants to watch the proceeding from the safety of his cell."