New York Daily News

July 19, 2012


Robert Ellis, cleared of murder in slaying of Police Officer Russel Timoshenko, gets
25 years in another attack

Ex-con gets max for attempted murder in robbery-shooting of Carl Field the day before cop killing

By Dan Mccarthy AND Shayna Jacobs

AN EX-CON cleared of the 2007 murder of Police Officer Russel Timoshenko was called a remorseless "thug" by a judge who sentenced him to 25 years in an unrelated case Wednesday.

Judge Gregory Lasak hit Robert Ellis, 39, with the maximum sentence for the attempted murder of Carl Field, 20, who was gunned down and robbed by Ellis less than 24 hours before the young cop was fatally shot.

Prosecutors charged Ellis with killing Timoshenko, but he was acquitted of murder and trying to kill Timoshenko's partner, Herman Yan, 27, during a July 2007 traffic stop.

Police union President Pat Lynch called Ellis a "monster" who deserves to be in prison "until he's 80."