New York Daily News

April 18, 2013


City lends its Finest aid to Boston cops 

By Bev Ford and Joe Kemp/ NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Port Authority and NYPD cops landed in Boston Wednesday to give food, drink and emotional support to investigators working at the explosion sites.

About 10 cops from each agency were working out of trailers parked at Berkeley and Boylston Streets — near the twin bombings.

The group of officers were handing out coffee and lunch to investigators still working the blood-stained sidewalk.

"We were able to put a team of volunteers together and do it as quick as possible," said Ray Butler, a Port Authority cop. "Our department has, unfortunately, been down this road."

Boston authorities provided throngs of uniformed volunteers to New York after the World Trade Center attacks.

"They sent their crew down to us on Sept. 11 and they were tremendous," Patrick Lynch, president of the city's Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, said by phone from Beantown.

Lynch said the officers' experiences in dealing with tragedy can only help.

"It's our way to say, 'Thank you for what you did for us. You gave us your shoulder. Now here's our shoulder.'"