New York Daily News

November 20, 2013


Awards for 40 cops cited for acts of bravery



Injured cop Eder Loor, pictured with his wife Dina Loor, was released from the hospital and returned home in May 2012.

Forty cops will be honored Thursday for various acts of bravery and courage under fire.
The honorees who will be cited by the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association at a Manhattan luncheon include officers Robert Sinistaj and Craig Matthews, who shot dead Jeffrey Johnson, 58, after he killed his boss outside the Empire State Building in August 2012.

Nine bystanders were also struck by police bullets, but the NYPD said the officers had no choice but to fire their guns.

In another confrontation that also made headlines, Officer Eder Loor of the 23rd Precinct will be cited for his cool under pressure when he was stabbed in the temple by an emotionally disturbed man he was trying to escort to a hospital.

The knife was plunged down through Loor’s brain to the base of his skull, but Loor, who is also an emergency medical technician, pulled the blade out of his head and started to apply pressure before paramedics arrived.

Officer Michael Massett nearly got stabbed by a knife-wielding marijuana suspect in Times Square in August 2012.

But Massett and Officer Peter Rogers shot dead the suspect after police said he repeatedly ignored commands to drop his weapon and shook off the effects of pepper spray as he weaved between cars for several blocks.

All told 37 officers and three sergeants are being honored at the Water Club for their roles in incidents over the past two years.

“We consider this a New York City police officer’s most important award,” said PBA President Pat Lynch, “because, as I always say, we award it to each other.”

Not all the honorees were involved in disarming criminals.

Officers Eddie Wong and Annette Lancaster, for instance, pulled a man and a woman from a burning car.

And Officers Paula Winters and John Lopes used CPR and a defribillator to keep Officer Brian McKee alive after he suffered a heart attack while exercising at the Police Academy.

Perhaps the most poignant moment happened after off-diuty Officer Joseph Koch sprung into action on Father’s Day, breaking up a vicious attack in Jamaica on a woman by a stalker.

Koch shot and wounded the suspect, but was also injured when one bullet struck his hand.

The woman’s 10-year-old son, Jacob Rodriguez, whose screams had alerted Koch to the attack, called Koch “a pretty cool guy.”

“I’m thinking about becoming a police officer because of what Joe did," Jacob told the Daily News. "He saved me and my mom.

"Maybe I can do that for others.”