New York Daily News

October 10, 2014


NYPD claims rough stop-and-frisk cop took $62 from Brooklyn man, not $1,300

Lamard Joye was caught on video being stopped and frisked by an NYPD cop. During the incident, Joye said the officer reached into his pocket and confiscated cash, but the NYPD claims it was far short of what Joye claims.


A Brooklyn man who claims a cop picked his pocket of $1,300 cash was actually carrying $62 — and police vouchered the confiscated money, an NYPD spokesman said Thursday.

“No one stole $1,300,” said Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis, the top NYPD spokesman.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, along with police Internal Affairs, are investigating the Sept. 16 confrontation between the cop and two Coney Island siblings.

The attorney for alleged victim Lamard Joye says the $62 was taken from another man outside the Surfside Gardens housing project.

A video captured the officer, with cash in his hand, shooting pepper spray into Joye’s face — and doing the same to Joye’s sister Lateefah when she tried to get his badge number.

“The NYPD is denying what they can’t admit, and admitting what they can’t deny,” said attorney Robert Marinelli. “However, the video does not lie.”

Lamard Joye did 10 years in prison after his August 1997 arrest for attempted murder of a police officer — although he was convicted of lesser charges.