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February 11, 2015, 4:10 AM



Family of fallen police officer Joseph Keegan disgusted that convicted cop killer Bruce Lorick can search online for love


Noreen Keegan, the niece of the police officer who Lorick killed in 1980, said that the man who shot her uncle doesn't deserve 'the liberty of looking online at all, let alone for a partner.' Lorick, who is up for parole this week, posted a profile on the website to find 'friendship or possibly more.'

Noreen Keegan, the niece of slain traffic cop Joseph Keegan, holds a photo of her uncle who was slain in 1980. Her uncle's killer, Bruce Lorick, is coming up for parole on Friday.  

A cop killer's search for his fairy-tale ending has left the fallen officer's niece fuming.

"He should not have the liberty of looking online at all, let alone for a partner," Noreen Keegan wrote in an email to The Daily News, which reported exclusively Monday on convicted killer Bruce Lorick’s bid for love on a dating website for inmates.

Police Officer Joseph Keegan, the uncle of Noreen Keegan, was shot and killed by Lorick on June 13, 1980 at the 59th St.-Columbus Circle subway station, officials said. When the transit cop stopped him for fare-beating, Lorick grabbed Keegan's gun and fatally shot him in the head, cops said.

The 57-year-old inmate has since taken to the Internet hoping to find "friendship or possibly more," according to his post on the website, He previously put an ad on a similar site,, in 2005 when he was first up for parole, The News reported a decade ago.

Lorick has been denied parole five times since 2005, officials said. He is currently up for another parole hearing this week.

The thought of him as a free man makes Noreen Keegan sick.

"We will pray that the Parole Board keeps Lorick in prison fact that he murdered a man, in cold blood," she wrote in a separate email to the News. "He should NEVER have an opportunity to be free. He shows no remorse and NO regard for life."

Above left, Convicted cop killer Bruce Lorick posted an ad seeking a companion on, a website connecting inmates with penpals.
Above right, Bruce Lorick's personal ad on in which Mr. Lorick claims he is a Leo, Emotionally secure and a gentleman. Lorick is coming up for parole on Friday.

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President agrees, calling the crime a vicious attack that should have the public in an uprroar.

“Had he been convicted today of the same crime, he would have likely be sentenced to life without parole which wasn’t an option in 1980.

“Like all of the other cold-blooded cop-killers, Bruce Lorick should not be granted parole now or ever. The public should be every bit as outraged about the possibility of paroling this cold-blooded killer as police officers are.”

The scene of Officer Joseph Keegan's funeral in 1980. Keegan tried to stop Bruce Lorick for fare-beating in 1980, when Lorick took the officer's gun and shot him in the head, killing him. Lorick has been in prison for 25 years and has been denied parole 5 times since 2005.