New York Daily News

September 22, 2015



Some disarming advice for cops


Off-duty police officers are being told to leave their guns at home if they're going to see the Pope while he's in the Big Apple.

In an internal message sent to members of the NYPD, the brass warns cops they'll be sent packing if they're found packing.

"All members of the service who plan to attend a papal event while off-duty are hereby advised that firearms will not be permitted," the message states. "Any member with a firearm will be excluded from the event."

But Patrick Lynch, head of the largest police union, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, said that's a mistake.

"Our officers are fully trained professionals who are on-duty around the clock and would represent additional response resources in the event of an emergency," Lynch said in a statement. "Limiting their ability to intervene is foolish and flies in the face of common sense and public safety."

A bulletin from the Pennsylvania State Police's Criminal Intelligence Center warned terrorists might try to pose as emergency responders at large events to attack and then slip away undetected.