New York Post
September 22, 2002


Your editorial states "they [cops] could have gotten the same deal a year ago." That is simply not true ("The PBA's Miscue," Sept. 15).

The last offer on the table from the city before the Patrolmens' Benevolent Association declared an impasse was for 3 percent and 2 percent.

You also ask "Were the protests and the Times Square theatrics really worth it?" To which the PBA and our membership answer: Absolutely. That protest sent a message to City Hall and to PERB that PBA members are already overworked and underpaid, and that we would not stand for being forced to work 10 extra days.

That's 10 more times that we risk being killed or seriously injured for life in the line of duty. It's ten more days away from our families.

Finally, you say, "No one begrudges the cops a living wage, and maybe then some." Even with this raise, our members are still going to be full-time heroes with part-time jobs. It's the only way NYC cops can feed their families.

Albert W. O'Leary
Communications Director