New York Post
October 11, 2002


Wasn't Mayor Bloomberg crying about New York City being $5 billion in the red, and that was his reason why he could not give cops and firefighters a decent pay raise?

The Olympics are a losing proposition for the host city -- see Salt Lake City and Sydney. I have heard only Bloomberg hype this huge waste of money.

Afrter 17 years in the NYPD, I am hearing cops with varying years of experience say loud and clear, "The hell with the Taylor Law; Let's strike."

Let the games begin.

Richard V. McKenna

Today, NYPD officers -- who are members of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association -- will get their well-deserved raises ("The PBA's Miscue," Editorial, Sept. 15.)

Unfortunately sergeants and detectives of the NYPD are still two years without a contract and are still fighting for the same contract the PBA received.

Please don't forget about us.

Brian Fleming