New York Post
January 17, 2003


Mayor Mike Bloomberg should know that history often repeats itself. Back on June 30, 1975, every teletype in the NYPD began snapping out the names of the 5,000 police officers then-Mayor Abe Beame said needed to be taken off the payrolls in order to maintain fiscal stability ("Don't Cut Cops," Editorial, Jan. 12).

Thirty-three months later, many of us were allowed to return to work. We did return - but not before we helped kick Beame out of office.

Mayor Mike says he wants to run for mayor again in 2005. I strongly suggest he take a crash course in history first.

Robert McKenna
Staten Island

The NYPD is made up of roughly 40 percent minorities and women. The FDNY is made up of 90 percent white males.

According to Deputy Mayor Marc Shaw, firefighters spend 90 percent of their work time doing nothing. Meanwhile, crime rates have been driven down to record lows by cops, who have saved countless lives in mostly minority neighborhoods.

Yet the city's solution to its fiscal crisis is to lay off 1,500 cops from an already depleted police force instead of closing some unproductive firehouses.

Where are you, Rev. Al?

Tom Olownia

If Bloomberg decides to lay off cops, he shouldn't expect businesses in lower Manhattan and midtown to stay on this side of the Hudson River.

David Sontz