New York Post
May 15, 2003



The PBA will announce a campaign today to tell New Yorkers that cops are under new pressure to issue summonses according to quotas demanded by City Hall.

Union officials say police brass have revived the practice of threatening to discipline officers if they fail to reach a monthly number of summonses for parking and moving violations and quality-of-life infractions.

For example, failing to meet a quota could lead to a cop having his or her hours of duty switched, being denied days off, or being transferred out of a precinct, the union said.

PBA officials said they have evidence of the practice, including a memo showing a police lieutenant threatening an officer for failing to meet his quota.

The "Quotas - Don't Blame the Cops" campaign will include radio and newspaper ads, officials of the police union said.

The effort is designed to tell the public that city officials want to return to the practice in place a decade ago when cops had to meet quotas of about 25 summonses a month.

"All this is doing is dividing the police and the community," said PBA board member John Giangrasso.