New York Post
February 14, 2007

Letter to the Editor

Pat Lynch       

Your editorial is dead wrong. The low starting salary is not the problem; NYPD officers are woefully underpaid at every level.

Nassau County police start at $21,000, $4,000 less than the NYPD, and can hire as many cops as they need. Because of low top pay, 4,439 experienced NYPD police officers quit in the past five years, and the city has spent nearly a half-billion dollars to replace them. The loss of their experience is incalculable.

The city can pay a fair salary or spend hundreds of millions to replace them over and over again.

The Taylor Law decrees that the NYPD should be paid similar wages and benefits as other police departments in the region.

Compared to the NYPD's measly $59,000, at top pay, the MTA police earn $68,000; Port Authority police, $80,000; and Nassau and Suffolk over $90,000.

Absent the city complying with the Taylor Law and paying our police a competitive salary, the PBA will do everything to achieve it through a fair hearing and binding arbitration.

Patrick J. Lynch
President, PBA