New York Post
March 16, 2007

Letter to the Editor
Responding to Post Editorial

Repeating City Hall's propaganda doesn't make it true. The city sought and obtained reduced starting pay from every city union in the last round of bargaining.

The city proposed reducing starting pay for police, and the arbitrator granted it. Now the city blames that for its inability to recruit.

The PBA helped raise starting pay in a previous arbitration, yet even when the starting salary was nearly $40,000, the NYPD couldn't fill a recruit class because the top pay was way too low.

At top pay, a New York City cop earns $59,000, while other local police earn between $68,000 and $94,000. Nearly 1,000 experienced cops a year quit for better paying jobs.

Making police officers' top pay competitive satisfies the requirements of the Taylor Law and solves the recruitment and retention problem. Just increasing starting pay does neither.

Patrick J. Lynch
President, PBA