New York Post
May 1, 2007

Letter to the Editor
Responding to Post Editorial

"PBA'S Handcuffs," which parrots City Hall's lies, is way off the mark.

Bloomberg hasn't presented a single offer to New York's police officers that didn't come with stipulations of more work or less vacation that was greater than the cash on the table.

The NYPD is shrinking. It can't hire enough new recruits, and veterans are quitting at the rate of nearly 1,000 a year. Paying a top salary that competes with other local police departments is the only way to solve those problems.

If the city doesn't have the political courage or leadership to negotiate such a package, then we will have to fight to convince an arbitrator of the importance of competitive pay.

New York City police officers already work longer days and make more appearances than most other police departments across the nation. We deserve, and have earned, a significant raise unencumbered by givebacks.

Patrick J. Lynch
President, PBA