New York Post
January 17, 2008

PBA Perv Ploy

Bid to Keep '73 Cop Killer Jailed


The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association will ask a judge today to classify a convicted cop-killer as a dangerous sexual predator, sources said.

Shu'aib Raheem, 58, was found guilty of murdering Officer Stephen Gilroy during a Jan. 19, 1973, robbery at John and Al's Sporting Goods in Williamsburg.

Two other cops were wounded during the 47-hour siege, in which a dozen hostages were held at gunpoint, according to trial testimony.

Sentenced to 25 years to life, Raheem has been denied parole five times.

A parole board voted in November to free him, but his release date was postponed after The Post detailed how the decision to let him go was made without hearing any victim-impact testimony.

Although Raheem was not convicted of sexual offenses against children, he was found guilty of first-degree kidnapping and, because two of his dozen hostages were under 17, he is now subject to the New York state Sex Offender Registration Act, sources said.

"We are hopeful that Raheem's status under [SORA] will make him an even less desirable candidate for parole," said PBA President Patrick Lynch.