New York Post
May 10, 2010

Letter sent to the Editor of the New York Post

To the Editor,

Please excuse us for not rejoicing in the alleged prison turnaround made by cop-killer Lillo Brancato (Page Six, 5/10/10.)  We are still mourning the loss of Daniel Enchautegui, an outstanding man and police officer, who was murdered when he tried to stop Brancato and his thug friend from breaking into a neighbor’s house in search of drugs.  Daniel was the type of police officer that this city needs. He was willing to put himself in harms way to keep his neighborhood safe.  He gave his life for this city.  Daniel Enchautegui lived a life worthy of celebration where Brancato hasn’t.  Prison conversions aren’t worth the weight bench they are made on because they aren’t made voluntarily and they rarely stick.  Brancato is a self-absorbed, low-life thug who should not be celebrated for involuntarily kicking drugs because of his incarceration. 


 Patrick J. Lynch