New York Post
April 8, 2011

'Cop-slay' pray mom

  MOTHER'S LOVE: Josefa Villanueva, on her knees yesterday, swears her son George is innocent at Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Accused cop-killer George Villanueva made a brief court appearance yesterday, but the drama was outside the courtroom -- where his mom threw herself on the floor and swore her son's innocence on a Bible while PBA President Pat Lynch termed him "a coldblooded animal."

It took fewer than five minutes for Villanueva to plead not guilty on two indictments: aggravated murder for allegedly pushing Officer Alain Schaberger from a stoop to his death and for numerous acts of alleged domestic violence.

"This person is a coldblooded animal, a killer who should be behind bars, who wants to watch the proceedings from the safety of his cell," said Lynch, decrying the fact that Villanueva's next procedural appearance in June will be held via videoconference.

Josefa Villanueva, the alleged killer's mother, gave an impassioned defense of her son outside the courtroom -- kneeling on the floor, alternately swearing on a Bible and waving US and Puerto Rican flags.

"I swear by the Bible my son is innocent," she said in Spanish. "I yell with all my voice, 'My son is innocent.' These are lies by the 84th [Precinct]."