New York Post
Dec. 3, 2011

NYPD slaps tix-fix prober


The Bronx assistant DA leading the prosecution of the police ticket-fixing scandal desperately tried to stop the NYPD from filing administrative charges against the case’s lead Internal Affairs detective — but his plea fell on deaf ears, The Post has learned.

The detective, Randy Katakofsky, was slapped with two departmental charges yesterday for allegedly leaking inside information on the probe to a lieutenant now under criminal indictment in the case.

Katakofsky claims to have — without approval from his bosses — planted the info with Lt. Jennara Everleth-Cobb to see whether it would surface elsewhere.

Prosecutor Tom Leahy asked the NYPD to hold off on charges during a Thursday meeting at One Police Plaza, fearing it would wreck his office’s criminal case against 16 cops, sources said.

Katakofsky’s lawyer, Rae Dawn Koshetz, called the charges “an outrageous misuse of power,” and added, “It’s clearly retaliatory — retaliatory for him working on this ticket-fixing investigation successfully.”

Everleth-Cobb is criminally charged with tipping off cops about wiretaps.

“We think it’s a terrible double standard,” said Thomas Sullivan, head of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association. “Why wasn’t the detective arrested for this and treated the same way?”

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch fumed, “This rogue investigator’s testimony was used to pursue this ticket investigation and to obtain wiretaps on the phones of over a dozen police officers.”