New York Post
May 8, 2013

Lhota ‘malls’ PA cops


GOP mayoral candidate Joe Lhota dismissed the Port Authority police force as nothing more than “mall cops” last night, saying he has no confidence in them to handle security at the city’s airports.

Lhota fired the stinging shot during a mayoral forum at Pace University hosted by the National Organization for Women.

“I don’t think the Port Authority does a good enough job in anything that they do, quite honestly,” he said.

“Those cops get paid more than NYPD cops and, quite honestly — I know I’m going to get in trouble for saying this — they’re nothing more than mall cops.”

He explained afterward that he thinks the NYPD should help manage security at the airports.

A PA official, who asked not to be named, fired back: “Joe Lhota is just a mediocre bureaucrat who doesn’t understand law enforcement.”

Meanwhile, Lhota yesterday landed the backing of the Staten Island Republican Party, the city’s largest GOP organization.