New York Post
August 17, 2014


Letter to the Editor

As I have said many times, the PBA supports the right of every individual to express their opinion on the tragic death of Eric Garner.  But it is absolutely ridiculous that Mike Mulgrew, president of the UFT, would waste his members' dues to get involved with a march that has nothing to do with teachers or his union.  Mulgrew knows that the UFT is under siege from all sides, and this is purely an attempt to distract attention from that mounting criticism. How would he like it if police officers lined up with the activists who oppose his efforts to shield bad teachers and undermine effective charter schools?  He has already colluded with the administration to saddle his members with a substandard contract — rather than continuing to curry favor with politicians and Al Sharpton, he should try standing up for his members and the children of New York City.

Patrick J. Lynch