New York Post
September 13, 2014


Consequences of a Criminal Cop

To the Editor:

I cannot adequately describe the revulsion and disgust that every honest, hard-working police officer in New York feels for former Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues as he confesses to what is worse than a life of crime just to sell a book.  It’s one thing to admit your mistakes in the hope that some young person might avoid a life of crime and another to revel in your misdeeds without remorse for future profit.  Pegues betrayed the trust of his fellow officers by hiding critical information he had about the cold-blooded assassination of Police Officer Eddie Byrne and seems relieved to having gotten away with the deceit.  He may laugh at the fact that he cannot be held responsible for most of the crimes in his past but I am warning him that he’d better be sure that’s the case because this union will encourage the department to do an extensive and thorough investigation.  Furthermore, I pledge to use the full resources of this union to convince the general public to boycott any publishing house that would buy and publish a book by this disgusting and vile man.  If Pegues made any friends at the NYPD, I can assure you that he lost them now.  He’s a stain on the reputation of a heroic department.


Patrick J. Lynch
Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of the City of New York

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