January 17, 2015 | 12:23am  


Second of 2 cops shot released from hospital

By Antonio Antenucci, Erin Calabrese and Bob Fredericks

 R. Umar Abbasi
Officer Andrew Dossi as he left Mount Sinai Hospital.

He earned this hero’s salute.

The second of two cops shot this month while responding to a Bronx bodega stickup was released from the hospital Friday as columns of cops in blue clapped and cheered.

About 200 uniformed officers lined a walkway from Mount Sinai Hospital on the Upper East Side as a nurse guided Officer Andrew Dossi out the door in a wheelchair.

His smiling daughter Adrianna, 8, and dad, Joe, were with him as he stepped from the wheelchair — his shattered left arm in a sling — and into a waiting police van that took him to his Rockland County home.

Adrianna gave the cheering and whistling cops a thumbs-up as the NYPD Emerald Society’s pipe band played “Garryowen,” an Irish march.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, praised the staff at Mount Sinai for their care of the wounded hero.

“It’s a special day for Officer Dossi and his family. It was a long road here,” Lynch said. “But it’s not over for him. He still has rehabilitation to do, but he’s a long way away from where he was.”

Our heroes reunited!!!!!

Dossi, whose father had criticized Mayor de Blasio after the shooting, was asked how he felt about the mayor — but Lynch deflected the question.

“What we’re here for today is to see a hero on his way home to his terrific family,” he said.

Later, Adrianna and Joe Dossi spoke outside the cop’s house in Stony Point, saying Dossi was happy to be home — and alive.

“I love him. I’m really happy that he’s fine. I hope he doesn’t get any more injuries,” Adrianna said. “He doesn’t like laying down all day. He likes fresh air. I’m going to help him. I’ll help him stand, because sometimes it’s difficult. He’s home now, and that’s good.”

Joe Dossi gave thanks to the doctors and nurses who patched his son up.

“He’s doing really good. He wants to thank everybody for all their support,” he said.

Andrew Dossi and his partner, Aliro Pellerano, had been questioning a suspect on Jan. 5 about the robbery of the Welcome 2 Yemen deli when they were shot by a second suspect.

Jason Polanco had allegedly fired a .44 Magnum at the officers from inside a Chinese restaurant.

Polanco, 24, has been indicted on two felony attempted-murder raps that could put him behind bars for life. His alleged cohort, Joshua Kemp, 28, was indicted on charges including robbery.

Dossi’s left forearm was shattered, and he was nearly paralyzed by a bullet in the back. Pellerano suffered less serious wounds and was released from the hospital on Jan. 7.