March 18, 2015 | 2:00am  


Rival slams PBA president for Ken Thompson endorsement

By Shawn Cohen

Pat Lynch Gregory P. Mango

PBA President Pat Lynch’s endorsement of Ken Thompson for Brooklyn DA was a knife in the back of his union’s members, his opponent says in a new attack ad obtained by The Post on Tuesday.

The ad, which will be released on YouTube, shows Lynch standing side-by-side with the prosecutor during an event on Oct. 31, 2013. A few days after that event, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association donated $5,000 to the campaign.

“I’m proud to say that this important, this endorsement that’s so important is earned,” Lynch declares in the video. “And we’re here on behalf of New York City PBA to endorse Ken Thompson for Brooklyn DA. It’s my honor.”

Brian Fusco, who heads the Strengthen the Shield slate of candidates that is seeking to replace Lynch in the June election, called the endorsement a betrayal.

“Pat didn’t ask anyone’s advice,” Fusco said. “There was no consultation. He’s been that way for years and years now. We couldn’t go there in good faith.”

The video notes that Lynch didn’t endorse anyone for mayor or governor, and mentions the four uniformed cops that Thompson has indicted since taking over in the position.

They include Peter Liang, who was charged with manslaughter for the Nov. 20 accidental shooting death of an unarmed man in a public housing stairwell.

“Ken Thompson has far exceeded the pace of any borough as far as indictments of on-duty cops who were out there working,” Fusco said. “We’re upset that our union would donate money and send out an endorsement for the campaign of someone who was never pro-police.”

But Lynch says Fusco is lying in the ad, charging the endorsement came after an interview with the PBA’s political action committee. Fusco participated and “was energetically supportive of Thompson’s endorsement,” Lynch says, but now he’s hiding from that fact.

“Fusco also seems to have forgotten the record of the previous Brooklyn DA, who never hesitated to indict a police officer,” Lynch added.