May 8, 2015 | 1:46pm  


Louisiana cops make return trip to NY for Moore funeral

By Natasha Velez

David McGlynn
From left: Corporal Benjamin Teekell [left] and Deputy Trevor Dismukes [right] of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office of Louisiana with PBA president Pat Lynch.

A Louisiana cop just traveled more than a thousand miles to New York for the second time since December — two trips he never wanted to make.

But Cpl. Benjamin Teekell, 29, of the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office — along with law-enforcement agencies from around the nation — wanted to show his support for the NYPD, a department reeling from its third murder of an officer in five months.

“I would want to know that I was loved. I did this so they would know they are not alone,’’ Teekell said of New York City’s Finest.

“I’m married, I have kids, and if it was me in that coffin, I would want someone to show my wife and show my kids that no matter where you are and what agency, it affects not just a city. It’s an entire nation, and every department suffers this loss,’’ added Teekell, who was accompanied this trip by his police partner, Deputy Trevor Dismukes, 23.

A photo collage of slain cop Brian Moore greeted wake-goers including Teekell and Dismukes at the main entrance of Chapey and Sons Funeral Home on Long Island this week.

“Anyone could see through those pictures who he was and how much he wanted to be a police officer through the different phases in his life,” Teekell said.

“I said goodbye to [Moore] in my own way. I walked up and offered a salute to his casket and to his memory. It wasn’t how he died. It was how he lived that made him a hero, and I think that’s what’s most important.”

Teekell also attended services for slain NYPD Detectives Raphael Ramos and Wenjin Liu in Brooklyn in December.

“When I came up for [their funerals], I made friends with an NYPD lieutenant,’’ Teekell said. “He made a point to meet me at the wake for Brian Moore, and we and his partner went to yet another wake together, and I made that connection with them. They paid for our meal again. They were very good to us again.”

A retired NYPD police officer also picked up the two Louisiana cops from LaGuardia Airport after their free flight, offered through JetBlue’s NYPD Travel Assistance program.

“The NYPD really had a heartfelt appreciation for outside law enforcement coming and supporting them,” said Teekell, who along with his partner was joined by everyone from members of the Chicago and Boston police departments to the US Army and Navy.

“When I found out [about Moore], it broke my heart. It broke my heart again. It’s not just a loss for the NYPD. It’s a loss for law enforcement around the nation. We are a brotherhood and it’s important for us to stick together, especially at a time like this,” Teekell explained.

The treasurer of the Boston Patrolman’s Association, Robert P. Colburn, also picked up their hotel tab.

“The hotel manager introduced us to him in the lobby, and when he discovered why we were there, he paid for our hotel stay. It was incredible the amount of support and love we felt,” Teekell said.