The New York Times

June 11, 2003


A Ticket Blitz, for Sure

to the Editor:

Re "To Embattled Mayor, Tickets Are the Hottest Issue in Town" (front page, June 4):

Regardless of what the mayor, the police commissioner or their spin doctors say, police officers have written significantly more summonses in the first four months of this year than last.

Every police officer in this city can tell you that he or she is under great pressure to write more summonses. It is a quota that carries a penalty if not met.

Summons quotas in effect cause "anticommunity policing."

Our public information program "Don't Blame the Cop" is intended to demonstrate the pressure that our officers are under. It is an effort to maintain a good relationship with the communities that we protect.

While the city denies an increase in enforcement efforts, doesn't it seem odd that every city agency empowered to write summonses is now citing every silly old regulation on the books?

Coincidence? The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association thinks not.

President, Patrolmen's Benevolent Association

New York, June 4, 2003