February 27, 2008

Council Bill Would Cover Health Care Costs For Ground Zero Workers

Special to the Sun

The city would foot the cost of health care for city workers suffering illnesses related to toxin exposure at ground zero until they can receive disability payments, if a bill by a City Council member, Michael McMahon of Staten Island, passes.

"I was shocked when I learned that our heroes of 9/11 were not receiving the health care they needed after becoming ill as a result of their work at ground zero," Mr. McMahon said yesterday in a statement. "The city has an obligation to these men and women to ensure that they receive the best health care possible in their time of need. These are the people who served the city in our time of need without regard to their own health and safety."

Mr. McMahon will announce the introduction of the bill today at City Hall along with the head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Patrick Lynch, and representatives from the firefighters and emergency workers unions.