Important Tax Information Request From Health Care Carriers

The Affordable Care Act requires every U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawfully present immigrant to have health care coverage or pay a penalty, unless they qualify for an exemption. This means that taxpayers must now report their health care coverage status to the IRS when they file their tax return each year. Emblem Health and other health insurers are also required to report the health care coverage status of covered individuals to the IRS. 

You may have received or may be receiving a letter in the coming weeks from Emblem Health or your current health insurance carrier requesting the Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number of your covered dependents. This is because your insurance carriers’ records indicate that your account information is incomplete. Your current health insurance carrier will use the information you provide to report your coverage status to the IRS. This only applies to Active members and Non-Medicare eligible Retirees. 

 If you do not provide your health care carrier with the required TINs/SSNs, you may be audited by the IRS and/or charged a shared responsibility fee under the Affordable Care Act.

Once you have submitted this information to your health insurance carrier, you will then receive a completed 2015 1095-B form by January 31, 2016, which you will then use to file your 2015 taxes.

If you have any questions please contact the PBA Funds Office.

Keeping your Information up to date with the PBA

If you have not updated your information with the PBA (social security number for dependents, marriage certificate, birth certificate, change of address), please contact our office at (212) 349-7560 and speak to a Customer Service Representative to avoid any disruptions in coverage.