Enhanced vision benefits for PBA members

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The PBA Health & Welfare Fund has negotiated a new four-year agreement with vision care benefit provider Davis Vision, Inc., a deal that will result in enhanced benefits at no additional cost to PBA members.

Under the new agreement, members who wear contact lenses will be able to receive four boxes of daily wear lenses or eight boxes of disposable lenses, as opposed to one pair of daily wear lenses and 4 boxes of disposables under the previous plan.  The plan will also cover specialty lenses for conditions such as Astigmatism and Presbyopia, which were not covered in the past.

Members will be able to receive other enhanced benefits by visiting a Davis Vision Visionworks retail store, which are currently located in Westchester, Rockland, Long Island, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn and will be expanding to other locations in the future.  Visionsworks locations offer an expanded eyeglass frame selection, and will allow members who use their PBA benefits for eyeglasses to receive an examination for a contact lens prescription, free of charge.  Members will also receive 50 percent off all additional pairs of eyeglasses purchased at a Visionworks location.

In addition to these new benefits, there will be no increase in co-payments for any eyeglass lens enhancements, and the cost to the Health & Welfare Funds for eye examinations will remain the same.

Davis Vision will be sending all members a revised Vision Care Plan Benefit Description brochure shortly.  In the meantime, If you have any questions about the vision care benefit, please contact the Health & Welfare Funds Office at (212) 349-7560 or Davis Vision at (800) 999-5431.