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Palm Beach County, Florida School Police Department

Career Opportunities Palm Beach County Florida

Police Officers are assigned to schools throughout Palm Beach County. These officers are responsible for campus patrol, initial case investigations, subsequent follow-up, and, when necessary, making arrests. Additionally, the officers provide classroom presentations, counsel students and parents, engage students through mentoring, and serve as positive role models to help promote healthy relationships between youth and law enforcement.

The Palm Beach County School Police Department is currently looking to hire about 100 plus NEW Officers. There are about 35 retired NYPD Officers on the job now and still growing. As a former PBA Delegate I’m telling you, after retiring from the NYPD collect a second pension in eight years (vested) or stay longer. Your pension earned is 3% per year. When you turn 62 you may collect your NYPD pension, your PBCSD PD pension and S.S. Your job then is to wake up in the morning while you continue to live in paradise!       

This department is going through many changes and this year is the time to get in! New equipment, uniforms (5) provided and every year, take home cars available (working on all officers with take home cars this year), and promotions (no civil service exams).

You work when the students are in school. You have every major holiday and summers off (like teachers) while still getting paid.  In addition, you still get sick days and personnel leave days off.    

You have eight years from the time you retire from the NYPD to get Florida Department of Law Enforcement Certified (FDLE) as a Police Officer. This is a two week course. This department will help you with the process.  

Call if you have questions about the job at 561.422.2640 or go to the following link to start the process. Good Luck!

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