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Security in Brooklyn and Queens

Security Company is seeking to hire active/retired Law Enforcement Officers in Brooklyn and Queens for a PLAIN CLOTHES, CONCEALED CARRY POSITION. Members of all agencies welcome. Full and Part time work available. We are looking to hire for steady days but will also use people on an as needed basis if you have another job. We are very flexible with days off. We have 6-hour shifts and 12-hour shifts, both open for steady hire. Duties include escorting client employees into residential buildings during deliveries/service calls. Shifts are open each day of the week; Monday-Saturday. We work all over Brooklyn and Queens. Easy gig if you live close by. Must have a valid NYS armed guard license.

Pay is $21.50 to $23.00 per hour depending on day or nighttime assignment. If interested please call us at (516) 354-1220 for more details.

Please contact our HR. Gillian Thompson by phone at (516) 354-4280 or by email.

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