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Mulligan Security: SOC Supervisors

Mulligan Security, the tri-state's leading private security organization, has immediate job opportunities for SOC Supervisors at Class “A” properties in New York City.

The starting wage is $30 per hour including an extensive benefit package; paid holidays, sick and vacation and matching 401k plan. Must be a NYS Licensed Security Guard or willing to obtain.

The Supervisor will be responsible for directing and overseeing the day to day operations of the Security Operations Center.  The position is full time (40 hours per week, Monday-Friday) and the daily shift is 10:00am-6:00pm. The Supervisor is required to wear business attire.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Supervise and provide oversight of the Operators who staff the SOC.
  2. Ensure the SOC Operators are fully trained, skilled and proficient in all technologies required to execute their role.
  3. Coordinate calls for emergency services and assist with providing information and directions to responding units.
  4. Monitor local CCTV video feeds and digital communication traffic.
  5. Advanced computer skills with a proficiency in Microsoft Office products, specifically Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint is required.
  6. Learn and manage the access control system, alarm monitoring, CCTV system, lighting system, video recording systems, social media monitoring, emergency communication system, Incident reporting platform, and all other technologies deployed in the SOC environment.

CONTACT : inquiries and resumes to Anthony La Polla at         


Mulligan Security is a family owned business started in 1992. The relevancy of being family owned is that our CEO, Kevin Mulligan, who resides in Manhattan, is actively involved in the daily operations of the company. Mulligan Security is not subject to outside investors and can therefore follow its own mission statement which is to provide the finest security personnel and solutions possible to its select portfolio of clientele. 'Family owned' allows the principal to provide immediate response without committee deliberations and the flexibility to meet any security issue which may arise. Our mission has always been to offer to our exclusive client base of Property/Facilities Managers, who understand the relevant role that security and fire & life safety services play in the protection of its tenants, with a professional, non-union, security staff at highly competitive rates.

Mulligan Security studied the New York City security industry and decided that several key elements were missing that could improve the quality of security that was currently being provided to the corporate high rise and commercial office building real estate industry. One of the problems that Mulligan Security uncovered was the fact that the majority of the security companies operating in New York City, offered low wages, and no true benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans to their employees. This problem was perceived to be a deterrent in not being able to attract the most qualified security professionals as well as not being able to retain the best security force possible for Mulligan Security prospective clients.

Another discovery Mulligan Security made was the fact that inadequate security may result in a greater expense, due to loss or damage, than the additional cost of a high level professional staff.  There is nothing worse than having a false sense of security, and the Mulligans were determined they would not allow this dangerous misconception to be a part of their corporation. Therefore, they set out to hire, train and supervise what they believe to be the finest private security staff available in New York City.

Mulligan Security has chosen to focus on security and fire & life safety services for corporate and high-rise facilities and has dedicated its energies in perfecting these aspects of the business. Mulligan Security's operations are intentionally restricted to providing Security Officers, Fire Safety Directors and Emergency Action Plan Directors for prime high-rise commercial office buildings and major Corporate Facilities in New York City. By limiting our operations to this specialized field, we have been able to explore and test various approaches to find the optimal way to tap the labor pool for the best personnel in the industry. Mulligan Security understands that public relations and customer service is the cornerstone of our client’s philosophy and is a major focus in the security operation. 


Mulligan’s Management Team is comprised of former NYPD, FDNY, and federal law enforcement personnel who have developed the standards by which all employees must perform. Our management team has been trained not only to respond to our clients, but to anticipate their needs before they become concerns. Today Mulligan has a permanent work force of over 1100 highly trained Security Officers and Fire & Life Safety personnel.


We are pleased to announce that in 2010 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated Mulligan Security’s Fire & Life Safety and Security Services as a "Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology" under the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (the "SAFETY Act"). This technology includes physical security services that deter, prevent, detect, alert, and respond to a variety of security threats and the processes used to recruit, hire, train, and manage the qualified personnel who perform the services. These services also include the provision of security officers who are also specially trained as Fire Guards, Fire Safety Directors and/or Managers and Emergency Action Plan Directors. SAFETY Act designation requires an extensive application and evaluation by the DHS.

The “SAFETY Act” designation provides both Mulligan Security and its clients with significant protection against third party claims arising out of an act of terrorism involving its services. Mulligan Security is the first and only regional security company in the New York area to receive this prestigious qualification for both security and fire and life safety. This is just another reason that supports our belief that Mulligan Security is the Premier Provider of Security Services in New York and New Jersey.