The NYC PBA is deeply grateful for the support of caring New Yorkers and law enforcement officers from across the country who attended the funeral of our fallen brother, Brian Moore.  We would also like to offer a special word of thanks to the good people who live and work in the vicinity of St. James Church on Hicksville Road for their hospitality, kindness and understanding when their neighborhood was flooded with tens of thousands of mourners.  You tolerated a flood of traffic, parked vehicles and offered us water and compassion and more on a hot day.  Your patience and understanding is deeply appreciated.

We also offer thanks to the many organizations around the nation who have demonstrated their true concern of police officers and what we do.  JetBlue, who once again offered free airfare to officers who wished to attend Brian’s funeral, and the Hilton Hotel chain who offered a place to stay for the visiting officers.  I’m sure there are many others that have not yet come to our attention but rest assured that your demonstration of kindness means a great deal to us.


Patrick J. Lynch

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