PBA Member Email Survey

February 9, 2016

Active members who are subscribed to the PBA Update email list should have received an email invitation to participate in a strictly anonymous and confidential online survey conducted on the PBA’s behalf by McLaughlin & Associates, a nationally-recognized polling firm. The survey will ask for your views on a variety of important issues facing New York City police officers today, from compensation and working conditions to Mayor de Blasio’s policies and the overall policing environment.

Your participation is key. As we have said time and again since this PBA administration took office, all of our efforts at the bargaining table, in the media and in the legislative realm must reflect the thoughts and interests of our members on the streets. The goal of this survey is to give us hard data that will help us advocate forcefully, strategically and effectively on your behalf.

You must be an active police officer subscribed to the PBA Update email list in order to participate — if you are not subscribed, please use the registration form to subscribe as soon as possible. The survey should only take 10-12 minutes and can be completed on any computer or mobile device. Responses will only remain open for a limited time, so please take action as soon as you receive the invitation to ensure that your voice is heard.


Patrick J. Lynch