Tier 3 Enhanced Opt-In Deadline: AUGUST 10

July 18, 2017

If you have already filed, you can check the registry on the PPF website to confirm that your form was received.

Dear Tier 3 PBA Member,

As you are likely aware, recent PBA-backed state legislation grants all Police Pension Fund members hired on or after July 1, 2009 under the Tier 3 or Tier 3 Revised pension plans the opportunity to elect a new pension plan with enhanced disability benefits. By now, you should have received multiple communications from the Police Pension Fund (PPF) that describe the specific provisions of the new Tier 3 Enhanced plan. The PPF has also made a memo outlining the benefit changes under Tier 3 Enhanced and the opt-in form available on its website.

However, the most important point to note is that the deadline to opt into the Tier 3 Enhanced plan is rapidly approaching:

Tier 3 Enhanced opt-in forms must be received by the PPF on or before August 10, 2017.

Members who do not file the signed, notarized opt-in form with the PPF by that date likely will not have an opportunity to join the plan in the future. The PBA will continue to fight for improvements to the Tier 3 pension plan — for example, we were able to obtain additional legislation last month which secures Tier 3 members’ eligibility for accident disability pensions after 22 years of service and restores the Tier 2-type allowances for additional income by accident disability retirees. However, the only way to ensure that you are entitled to the 3/4 accident disability benefit, as well as the heart, stroke and infectious disease presumptions is by filing the Tier 3 Enhanced opt-in form by August 10.

These enhanced benefits are insurance against the dangers we face every day. The contributions you make towards these benefits will protect you and your family financially in the event you are disabled on the job. Once again, the Tier 3 Enhanced opt-in form is available on the PPF website. If you wish to receive these enhanced benefits, please file it today. 


Patrick J. Lynch