April 13, 2016 6:35pm

NYPD Watchdog Group Chair Richard Emery Resigns Amidst Scandal

By Kathleen Culliton

DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg
The Civilian Complaint Review Board chair Richard Emery announced on Wednesday he was retiring, effective immediately.

CITY CENTER — Civilian Complaint Review Board chair Richard Emery resigned from his post Wednesday after a series of controversial remarks about police and women.

“After a lengthy substantive discussion with the Mayor, he and I agree that the confluence of recent circumstances will preclude me from further fulfilling my goals as Chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board,” Emery wrote in a statement issued by the Mayor's Office.

Emery was accused of gender discrimination by CCRB executive director Mina Malik, who claims he called her and another female colleagues, “p---ies,” according to a lawsuit first reported by the New York Daily News.

Emery also faced criticism after the Daily News reported he had complained about police unions, “squealing like a stuck pig.” He later apologized for the statement.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association president Patrick J. Lynch expressed regret that Emery would not be punished for his statements toward the NYPD. 

“Had a police officer made remarks similar to Mr. Emery’s on two occasions, that officer would have been harshly disciplined," Lynch said on Wednesday.

"The next CCRB chairperson should be held to the same high standards that police officers are."

Emery did not refer to specific reasons for his resignation, but blamed “strife within the agency” for his departure.

“As a result, quite simply, too much of my time and energy is being misdirected on matters tangential to the long-term best interests of the Agency and too much time has been taken from my law firm, its staff and my private life,” Emery said.

The review board was scheduled to meet Wednesday night, but the meeting was abruptly canceled without an explanation just hours before it was supposed to begin. 

The CCRB declined to comment on Emery’s resignation. CCRB board member Deborah N. Archer has agreed to serve as the Acting Chair.