September 19, 2017

Others Honored by SBA for Heroic Encounters


EIGHT OF THE BEST: Officials of the Sergeants Benevolent Association pose with seven of the eight recipients of the Sergeants of the Year Award at a luncheon Sept. 14 at Giando on the Water in Brooklyn. The award-winners are seated in front.
The Chief-Leader/Michel Friang

In addition to Lieut. Emmanuel Kwo, the following seven men were named Sergeants of the Year Sept. 13 by the Sergeants Benevolent Association:

Sgt. Alberto Alicea, Midtown North Precinct. Ser­geant Alicea, newly promoted and undergoing leadership training, spotted a wanted poster in February for a career criminal sought in The Bronx for two drug-related shootings, one fatal. Ser­geant Alicea, who as a Police Officer worked in the 6th Precinct, recognized him as a homeless man who regularly played chess in Washington Square Park. He contacted his old partner with the information. Officers responded to the park and took the man into custody.

Confronted Cop’s Assassin

Sgt. Keith Bryan. Ser­geant Bryan, a 25-year veteran, and Police Officer Joseph Alaya confronted a mentally-ill man who had just killed Officer Miosotis Familia, shooting her without warning as she sat in a command vehicle in the 46th Precinct on July 4. The man was killed during the ensuing gun battle.

Sgts. Raymond Clarke and Kareem Francis, Internal Affairs Bureau. The two were investigating a man who had impersonated a police officer in order to commit sex offenses. On Aug. 10, they “observed the suspect, who ultimately approached them in an extremely confrontational manner,” the SBA said. “As the officers attempted to place the suspect under arrest, a brief but fierce struggle ensued before he was taken into custody.”

Sgt. Anthony DeMonte, 123rd Precinct. Sergeant DeMonte and his driver responded Jan. 5 to reports of shots fired in a wooded area. Sergeant DeMonte saw two men emerge from the woods. As the Sergeant left his vehicle, one man ran back into the woods while the other unzipped his jacket, revealing a weapon. The man, who was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, pointed a loaded weapon at the officers, who opened fire, wounding him. Sergeant DeMonte entered the woods in search of the second suspect, who was ultimately captured.

Mortally Wounded Killer

Sgt. Patrick McGrath, Warrant Section. On May 26, 29014, Sergeant McGrath and two officers were seeking a career criminal suspected in a murder that occurred hours earlier at a Queens casino who had been located within the 75th Precinct. As the three officers prepared to take him into custody, the gunman began firing his weapon through his car window and continued shooting as he left the vehicle. During the furious gunfight, the suspect was mortally wounded and his semi-automatic weapon recovered.

Sgt. Michael Scally, 67th Precinct. Sergeant Scally and his anti-crime team responded June 3 to a radio run of shots fired. During the ensuing investigation, a police officer was dragged from the scene by a motor vehicle. Sergeant Scally requested assistance and pursued the vehicle, which crashed a few blocks away. When the occupants of the vehicle fled, he decided to have the gravely-injured officer transported to the hospital in a police car rather than waiting for an ambulance. By acting so quickly, Sergeant Scally quite possibly saved his life.