November 2, 2017

Laud Police Officer Who Disabled Man Whose Terror Rampage Murdered 8

Cop Credits Fellow Officers Who Secured the Scene

BRINGING HONOR TO THE NYPD: Officer Ryan Nash shot and wounded terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov after the Uzbek immigrant crashed a rented truck into a school bus in a mad journey that killed eight people. ‘Although I feel we were just doing our job like thousands of officers do every day, I understand the importance of yesterday’s events and the role we played, and I’m grateful for the recognition we have received,’ Officer Nash said.

In the wake of the terror attack Oct. 31 that killed eight people in lower Manhattan, the city has a new police hero: Ryan Nash.

Officer Nash, assigned to the 1st Precinct, was one of four officers at Stuyvesant High School dealing with a student threatening suicide when someone came running in to report that a truck had crashed into a school bus.

8 Killed, 12 Injured

The crash ended a mile-long rampage by Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, who authorities said had driven the rented truck down a bike path, killing eight people and injuring 12.

Mr. Saipov left the truck as the officers rushed out of the school and confronted him. He turned toward them with what appeared to be a pistol in each hand. Officer Nash, who was closest, fired nine times, wounding him in the abdomen and ending the threat.

Mr. Saipov fell, and a bystander kicked the weapons out of his hands. One was a pellet gun, the other equipped for paintball.

At a press conference the morning after the attack, public officials praised Officer Nash’s quick response.

“In typical fashion of an NYPD cop, he thinks what he did was not an act of heroism,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill. “...I had the opportunity to talk to Ryan last night. He was at the hospital, and I don’t think we could find a more humble human being…”

‘Typifies Cops’ Courage’

He continued, “I talk about the courage of the men and women in this Police Department every day. And truly, yesterday you saw it. And here’s a cop with five years on the job, 28 years old, and this is what he did for the city and this is what he did for the country. So I’m really proud of him.”

Mayor de Blasio said, “Ryan is a hero, but he was so humble about his achievement…He thought this all was all in a day’s work and what a cop does to protect other people. But he deserves the accolades of the people of this city, as do his partners…

“In that situation you don’t know if the shooter has multiple weapons, has a bomb on him, you don’t know. And God forbid that situation was even more dangerous. How many more lives—literally dozens more lives—could have been in danger. Ryan stopped that threat immediately. We owe him a great debt of gratitude.”

Governor Cuomo said, “It’s also too important to remember that while the leadership of the Police Department is top-shelf…the NYPD is not just the leadership, it’s the men and women who are out there every day, who are on the first line. And I think Officer Nash really showed how important they are and how talented and how brave, so we all applaud and congratulate him.”

PBA Head: Team Effort

Patrick J. Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, praised not only Officer Nash but the other three cops as well.

“While we mourn the terrible loss of life and the injuries to innocent people we are proud of, and grateful for, the quick action of a team of police officers who responded to cries for help and took charge of a chaotic and dangerous situation,” he said in a statement.

“Police Officer Ryan Nash reached the scene first, fired his weapon and took out the gunman while his partner, PO John Hasiotis, secured the scene and witnesses, including one who heard the terrorist cry ‘Allahu Akbar,’ which is critical to understanding the event,” Mr. Lynch continued. “Police Officers Michael Welsome and Kevin McGinn secured the gunman’s weapons and the area, ensuring the safety of all of those nearby.

“New York City police officers routinely put their lives on the line to protect the public just as these four courageous officers did as they ran towards this danger not know­ing what they would find. These events rarely involve one police officer, and we are extremely proud of this team of brave and dedicated men.”

‘Just Doing Our Job’

Officer Nash made a brief statement to reporters later in the day. “I appreciate the public recognition of the actions of myself and my fellow officers yesterday,” he said in front of a bank of microphones at a police facility near his home on Long Island.

“Although I feel we were just doing our job like thousands of officers do every day, I understand the importance of yesterday’s events and the role we played, and I’m grate­ful for the recognition we have received. I just want to thank my family and friends for their support and all the responding officers who assisted me.

“However, due to the nature of the pending Federal case, I cannot make any further statements about the incident at this time. Thank you.”