The Chief



Oct. 21, 2017 City Pay Offer to PBA: Fund Your Own Raise By Making Givebacks
Oct. 8, 2017 NYPD: Post Peddling A Tall Tale About Cop-Out
Oct. 8, 2017 State, City Employees Playing Vital Role in Puerto Rico Recovery Work
Oct. 8, 2017 Accused Cop Sues City, Blake for Demonizing
Oct. 8, 2017 NYPD Mass-Shooting Training Includes Preparing Public and Hotel Staff, Too
Oct. 8, 2017 EMS Unions Protest Double Standard On 9/11 Disability Grants
Oct. 8, 2017 Mayor, NYPD: Case-by-Case Basis For Using School Metal Detectors
Oct. 8, 2017 Deputy Chief Promotion Among 132 by NYPD
Oct. 3, 2017 Black Detectives Sue NYPD, Claiming Bias Infected Its Promotion Process
Oct. 3, 2017 Cop Who Doubled As A Low-Rent Pimp To Serve 5 1/2 Yrs. in Jail
Oct. 3, 2017 Supreme Court Will Hear Agency-Fee Suit; Unions Fearful
Oct. 3, 2017 For The Record: Sal Albanese
Oct. 3, 2017 Samuelsen Given Full Term at National TWU; Utano Local 100 Head
Sept. 26, 2017 NYPD's Elastic Rationale
Sept. 26, 2017 Public-Employee Unions Take to Streets Over Standoff on Spectrum Contract
Sept. 26, 2017 SBA Leader: Barry Case an Obvious Example of an ‘Unfair Prosecution’
Sept. 26, 2017 Editorial: John Jay Cop-Mocker Too Cruel for School
Sept. 26, 2017 Incendiary Instructor: I Won’t Shut Up Due To Pro-Cop Backlash
Sept. 19, 2017 Reality Leaves Albanese Defeated But Running On
Sept. 19, 2017 Body-Camera Footage Backs NYPD Shooting But PBA Still Objects
Sept. 19, 2017 John Jay Instructor’s Suspended for Tweet Mocking ‘Dead Cops’
Sept. 19, 2017 Others Honored by SBA for Heroic Encounters
Sept. 19, 2017 Sgt.’s Widow Thankful for ‘Beautiful Things That Come Out of Tragedies’
Sept. 15, 2017 Garner Cop’s Lawyer: Never Called by CCRB
Sept. 11, 2017 CCRB Chair’s Stacked Deck
Aug. 31, 2017 PBA Honors JetBlue Head for Free Flights To Police Funerals
Aug. 29, 2017 Police Unions Backing Some Insurgents For City Council Seats
Aug. 15, 2017 Letter to the Editor: Illegal Collusion Against PBA
Aug. 7, 2017 Editorial: Uniformed Sound and Fury
Aug. 4, 2017 Uniformed Coalition Suit Alleging City Broke Pay Pledge Infuriates PBA
July 11, 2017 NYPD, City Mourn Cop ‘Assassinated’ By Psychotic Man Who Hated Police
July 11, 2017 City Now Bulletproofs Command Vehicles In Response to Murder
June 20, 2017 Teen Whose Stolen Car Dragged Cop Gets ‘Murder’ Rap
June 6, 2017 PBA Blasts CCRB Head’s Crude, Dicey, Remarks
Apr. 3, 2017 For the Record
Apr. 3, 2017 Razzle Dazzle: Agent of Silly: Mayor Makes Hard Job Harder
Apr. 3, 2017 Appellate Judges Find CCRB Rulings Can’t Be Publicly Disclosed
Apr. 3, 2017 PBA Blasts 2nd Leak Of a Cop’s CCRB File
Apr. 3, 2017 Cop-Killer Given Life Behind Bars by Judge
Mar. 28, 2017 PBA Contends Leak Of Garner Cop’s Records Shows CCRB is Biased
Mar. 13, 2017 Murder Conviction For Dealer Who Shot Cop
Mar. 13, 2017 For the Record
Feb. 28, 2017 PBA Pact Ratified By 98% of Members Due To Added Pay Hike
Feb. 7, 2017 Pact Gives PBA 2.25% Hike Beyond ‘Pattern’ But Reduces Pay Scale for ‘Unborn’ to Cover Cost
Jan. 17, 2017 NYPD and City Mourn Steven McDonald While Celebrating His Amazing Grace
Jan. 17, 2017 A True Hero Passes
Jan. 17, 2017 Republican Officials Dig In Against Clark Parole
Jan. 10, 2017 SBA Head Among Police Officials Who Rip Cuomo’s Break for Brink’s Felon
Jan. 10, 2017 Editorial:Cuomo Risks Damnation On Belief in Redemption
Jan. 3, 2017 Hymn to Jim: NYPD Graduates Urged To Follow in Commissioner’s Path
Jan. 3, 2017 Still Sparring With PBA, Linn Looks Beyond Ring
Jan. 3, 2017 The Truth is in the Details


Dec. 27, 2016 Say City Pay Offer To PBA Includes $3,250 In Patrol, Education Gains
Dec. 27, 2016 State AG: Cop Justified in Shooting After Chase
Dec. 6, 2016 PBA Poll: Residents Skeptical That Crime Stats Are Genuine
Nov. 1, 2016 Conscientious Cops Have City’s Lowest Sick Rate
Nov. 1, 2016 Name Mediator in PBA Talks, But Both Sides Keep Trading Punches
Nov. 1, 2016 NYPD Deputy’s Parole Opposition is Personal
Nov. 1, 2016 Editorial: Knee-Jerk Police Reflex A Bad Strain for Mayor
Nov. 1, 2016 Justice Department May Charge Garner Officer
Oct. 18, 2016 For The Record
Sept. 20, 2016 NYPD Gives Top Chief Call on OT for ‘Modified’
Sept. 13, 2016 Criticize City Appeal of Judge’s Order To Release CCRB Data on Garner Cop
Sept. 13, 2016 With Stirring Tribute to City Firefighters’ Bravery, Governor Enacts a Disability-Benefit Equalization
Sept. 6, 2016 Editorial: PBA Isolating Itself In A Time of Frustration
Sept. 6, 2016 An attention-getting choice
Sept. 6, 2016 Mayor Enacts Upgrade In Disability Benefits For New SanWorkers
Aug. 30, 2016 Arbitrator Plans to Sue PBA Over $18,000 It Owes Him for Award
Aug. 30, 2016 Editorial: PBA Stiffs an Arbitrator
Aug. 16, 2016 Generous Raises For Mayoral Staffers Stir New Outrage At PBA
Aug. 9, 2016 Bratton Stepping Down; Mayor Taps O’Neill to Succeed Him As Top Cop
Aug. 9, 2016 Contract Dispute Has PBA ‘Staking Out’ An Unusual Suspect
Aug. 2, 2016 NYPD Supplying Upgraded Vests And Helmets, but PBA Wants Long Rifles
July 26, 2016 Editorial: How Not to Protest
July 26, 2016 PBA Head Hits Activists’ Sit-In At Union’s HQ
July 19, 2016 PBA: Mayor’s Silence On ‘Racist Cops’ Claim a Sign of Callousness
July 12, 2016 Continuing Feud With Mayor, PBA Head Says Cops ‘Confused’ on Regs
July 12, 2016 PBA Head, Mayor Join in Decrying Assassinations of Five Dallas Cops
July 5, 2016 PBA Can’t Convince Appellate Court To Toss Profiling Law
July 5, 2016 Mayor Taps Counsel As CCRB Chair; PBA Calls Her Too Close
July 5, 2016 Editorial: To Beat Pattern, PBA Must Change Strategy
July 5, 2016 PBA, Heading Toward Another Arbitration, Rejects City ‘Pattern'
June 28, 2016 Hoosier Mayor? PBA Takes Feud to Indiana
June 28, 2016 Appeals Judge Grants TRO in PBA Battle To Halt Health Changes
June 21, 2016 A Tale of Two Unions In Differing Outcomes On Disability Upgrade
June 21, 2016 Awards for a Shootout
June 21, 2016 Teen Given 19-to-Life For Fire That Killed 1 Cop, Disabled 2nd
June 7, 2016 National Arbitrators’ Discipline Head Calls PBA Beef Unfounded
June 7, 2016 PBA, Local 237 Say HA Needs More Cops, Fast
June 7, 2016 Editorial: Math, Politics Complicate Disability-Pension Talks
June 7, 2016 Disability-Pension Gain Granted for COs And SanWorkers; UFA Next
May 27, 2016 Appellate Judges Toss $5M Judgment, Find Cops Acted Properly
May 27, 2016 PBA Takes Its Disability-Pension Case Directly To City Council With Clock Ticking Against Change
May 27, 2016 Bloomberg’s Parting ‘Gifts’ Limit PBA and De Blasio
May 24, 2016 PBA Contract Ad Brings Human Side To Case for Cop Raises Above Norm
May 17, 2016 Keep Him Locked Up
May 17, 2016 PBA Claims Arbitrators’ ‘Reprehensible’ Charge Proves They’re Biased
May 10, 2016 Teen Convicted For Fire That Killed Cop; Faces 25-to-Life
Apr. 19, 2016 Retaliation Lawsuit is Final Straw As Emery, Under Prodding, Quits CCRB
Apr. 19, 2016 Editorial: Emery Had to Go, But City Can’t Neglect CCRB
Apr. 19, 2016 PBA: Cop Blaming Mayor for Ticket Unfairly Suspended
Apr. 19, 2016 For Cops, Free Speech Isn’t
Apr. 19, 2016 Appeal Ruling That Detectives’ Killer Can’t Be Executed
Apr. 12, 2016 Cop-Shooter Laborde Dies in Prison; PBA Says World Better Off
Apr. 5, 2016 Cops’ Dubious Arrest Leaves Bratton P.O.ed
Apr. 5, 2016 Editorial: Watchwords for Cops: ‘Do We Need This?’
Mar. 29, 2016 NYPD Monitor Urges Making Cops Detail Reasons Behind Stops
Mar. 29, 2016 Opinion: DA Overcharged Liang, Then Overcompensated
Mar. 29, 2016 Mixed Verdict on DA’s Request of No Jail Time for Cop in Stairwell Killing
Mar. 29, 2016 27 Arbitrators Strike Back at PBA, Refuse To Work Its Cases
Mar. 22, 2016 Union: Crossing-Guard Shortage Not Absentees
Mar. 22, 2016 Opinion: Discontent Among Cops Not All About de Blasio
Mar. 22, 2016 Cops to Mayor: The City’s Less Safe, Our Job Stinks and You’re the Reason
Mar. 15, 2016 PBA’s Ad Slops Emery For ‘Stuck Pig’ Remark
Mar. 15, 2016 Claim CPR Instructor Is Taking Rap for NYPD
Mar. 15, 2016 Editorial: NYPD Training Deficit
Mar. 15, 2016 No Federal Charges In Teen’s Slaying by Cop Who Feared ‘Weapon’
Mar. 1, 2016 Cop Unions Furious As Emery Plays 'Pig' Card
Feb. 23, 2016 Say Cops At All Levels in Dark On Changes in Stop-and-Frisk Process
Feb. 23, 2016 Unions: CCRB Chair Has Fiscal Interest Conflict
Feb. 23, 2016 For the Record
Feb. 23, 2016 Mayor’s Revisiting of Warning to Son About Police Reignites PBA’s Anger
Feb. 16, 2016 Convict Officer Liang of Manslaughter In Accidental Shooting in HA Project
Feb. 9, 2016 Hazards of Vertical Patrols Shown By Shooting of 2 Cops
Feb. 9, 2016 Bratton: Cut the Slasher Scenarios, Subway Attacks About to Be Sliced
Jan. 26, 2016 Dust Be Their Destiny: Growing Signs WTC Residue Caused Nerve Damage
Jan. 26, 2016 PBA: Made ‘Hateful’ A Movie Cops Can Refuse
Jan. 19, 2016 Mayor Signs Off on 23% Pay Raise for Council


Dec. 1, 2015 Colleagues Watch As Alleged Cop-Killer Pleads Not Guilty
Dec. 1, 2015 PBA, SBA Say NYPD Not Giving Members Anti-Terrorist Tools
Dec. 1, 2015 Braced by PBA Reality, UFA Delegates OK Deal
Dec. 1, 2015 PBA Jumps Back On Contract Horse, Asks City for New Talks
Nov. 17, 2015 PBA Leader Denounces Contract Award As An ‘Insult to Cops’ Work’
Nov. 17, 2015 Letter to the Editor: Arbitration’s Not a Casino
Nov. 10, 2015 Infuriated by Proposed 1% Raises, PBA Takes Beef Home to Arbiter
Oct. 27, 2015 High-Stress Detective Gets No Relief From Disability-Pension Bid
Oct. 20, 2015 Editorial: Adding to ‘Zadroga’ Case
Oct. 20, 2015 City Cop Cancer Rate Increased 50 Percent In Wake of 9/11 Work
Oct. 20, 2015 PBA Criticizes CCRB For Skipping Good News
Oct. 20, 2015 Homeless Advocates Demand Police Back Off
Oct. 5, 2015 As NYPD IG Criticizes Handling of Use-of-Force Cases, Bratton Unveils Strict Reporting, Monitoring
Oct. 5, 2015 Editorial: A New Message At NYPD
Sept. 29, 2015 Blake: Mayor and Bratton ‘On Same Page’ on Force
Sept. 22, 2015 Editorial: Cops' 'Armchair Judges' Voicing Public's Outrage
Sept. 22, 2015 Lynch Lashes Out At ‘Ivory-Tower Pundits’ Seeking Cop’s Firing
Sept. 15, 2015 Bratton: Won’t Tolerate Excessive Force Used Against Ex-Tennis Star
Sept. 15, 2015 Cop Unions Dispute Need For Victims’ Advocates

Sept. 15, 2015

Cuomo Reiterates His Desire to Equalize PBA Disability Rights
Sept. 8, 2015 He's Our Man
Sept. 1, 2015 PBA Warns: Receipts Will Mean Fewer Stops
Aug. 18, 2015 Dominican Cops Helping Poor D.R. Kids
Aug. 18, 2015 Gillibrand Leads Rally Urging Renewal Of Zadroga Act to Aid 9/11 Troops
Aug. 11, 2015 CBC Warns Costs Of Police Hiring Could Ruin Future Budgets
Aug. 11, 2015 Firefighters Gain Disability-Benefit Equalization, Extra Staffing At 20 Engine Cos. As Part of Wage Accord
Aug. 11, 2015 PBA Warns on Stop-and-Frisk
Aug. 4, 2015 NYPD IG: Must Alter Body-Camera Process
July 21, 2015 Shakeup At Bronx Precinct in Alleged Crime-Stat Scam
July 14, 2015 Police Unions Protest Cuomo Tapping State AG to Probe Fatal Encounters
July 7, 2015 Bratton, PBA to Council: Don’t Fence In Cops With Bills Intruding on NYPD
June 30, 2015 Thanks, But It’s Not Enough: PBA Gripes About Police Hiring
June 22, 2015 Editorial: Pension Stats Misdirection
June 22, 2015 Discussions Intensify on Bill to Bolster Newer Cop/Firefighter Disability Payout
June 22, 2015 Fire Unions: Members Earned Their Pensions
June 22, 2015 Advocates, Staten Island DA At Odds Over ‘Garner’
June 9, 2015 Rise in Homicides and Shootings Gives Top NYPD Chief Cause for Concern
June 9, 2015 Editorial: Don't Wait on Adding Cops
June 9, 2015 Mayor’s New Upgrade For Police/Fire On-Job Disabilities Not Enough
June 9, 2015 Lynch Takes 70% of Vote To Win 5th Term at PBA
May 26, 2015 Lynch Hopes Past Gains Outweigh Uncertainties
May 26, 2015 PBA Pays Tribute to Valor, Heroism Displayed by Own ‘Finest of Finest’
May 26, 2015 Lynch, Nigro Among Columbia Association Honorees
May 26, 2015 De Blasio’s Police/Fire Disability Fix Blasted By Unions: ‘2nd Class’
May 19, 2015 De Blasio’s Police/Fire Disability Fix Blasted By Unions: ‘2nd Class’
May 19, 2015 Editorial: A Half-Hearted Disability Bill
May 5, 2015 Mayor: Cops Right To Arrest Some Protesters
May 5, 2015 Officer Dies of Wounds; Charge Career Criminal
Apr. 28, 2015 IG Plan to Track Suits Against Cops Hit by PBA
Apr. 21, 2015 PBA: Put Complainants To CCRB Under Oath
Apr. 14, 2015 PBA Sues to Obtain $10G From Cop-Killer’s Fund
Mar. 31, 2015 Casting of Actor Who Did Time in Cop-Kill Spurs PBA’s Fury
Mar. 31, 2015 For the Record
Mar. 24, 2015 PBA Says New Rule Removes Teeth From Anti-Trespass Effort
Mar. 24, 2015 Judge Gives Say To PBA and SBA On ‘Frisk’ Policy Reform
Mar. 24, 2015 PBA Challenger Faults Lynch for Backing DA
Mar. 24, 2015 Editorial: Fusco’s False Indictment
Mar. 10, 2015 PBA: ‘Frisk’ Guidelines Make Cops’ Jobs More Difficult and Dangerous
Mar. 10, 2015 Top Patrol Cops to Get Regular Sector Duties
Mar. 10, 2015 Editorial: Fixing Stop-and-Frisk
Mar. 10, 2015 PBA Contract Case To Wrap Up Just After Union Election
Mar. 3, 2015 Appeals Court Reinstates Cop’s Whistleblower Suit
Mar. 3, 2015 PBA Rival's Disability Fix Called Detrimental
Mar. 3, 2015 State DAs Association Open to Cuomo Plan For ‘Grand’ Monitor
Feb. 24, 2015 State Judiciary Chief: Give Judges Key Role In Cop Grand Juries
Feb. 24, 2015 Controversial Video Bites Bronx Defenders’ Head
Feb. 17, 2015 Unlike in Garner Case, Facts Won’t Be Secret
Feb. 17, 2015 Cop Indicted for Unintentional Shooting Of Man in Project Stairwell in B’klyn
Feb. 17, 2015 Police Unions, de Blasio Finding Common Ground
Feb. 11, 2015 Bronx ‘Offenders’ Are Ruled Out of Order And Out of Their Jobs
Feb. 11, 2015 Bratton to Senate: NYPD Needs Additional Officers
Feb. 3, 2015 Editorial: Justice-System Travesties
Feb. 3, 2015 Police Unions: Anti-Cop Rap Should Kill Funding
Feb. 3, 2015 Mayor: Machete Deal Was Financially Wise But Morally Bankrupt
Jan. 6, 2015 Murdered Officer Recalled As Caring, Kind and Emblematic of Most Cops


Dec. 22, 2014 The Mayor loses police officers’ trust
Dec. 23, 2014 Grief Mixed With Police-Union Fury Over ‘Assassination’ of Two Officers
Dec. 23, 2014 PBA, City Continents Apart on Pay Issues As Arbitration Looms
Dec. 16, 2014 Terminal-Leave Breakthrough Makes Uniformed Coalition’s Day Under Pact
Dec. 16, 2014 Schneiderman: Let Me Prosecute Cases of Cops Killing Civilians
Dec. 9, 2014 Police Unions Elated By Decision Not to Indict
Dec. 9, 2014 PBA to de Blasio: ‘You Threw Us Under Bus’
Dec. 2, 2014 PBA: Legal Aid Database Soiling Cops’ Reputations
Dec. 2, 2014 Lynch: Don’t Prejudge Tragic Project Shooting
Nov. 25, 2014 PBA Elicits Public Help To Restore Disability Pay
Nov. 25, 2014 Tap PBA Arbitrators For Battle Over City Bargaining Pattern
Nov. 25, 2014 Mayor Sees Witch-Hunt In Noerdlinger’s Ouster
Nov. 18, 2014 PBA Denounces As ‘Anti-Police’ Bill Requiring Disclosure on Searches
Nov. 18, 2014 Editorial: On Disability Bill, Mayor Can’t Feel Cops’ Pain
Nov. 11, 2014 Editorial: Right Disability Wrong
Nov. 11, 2014 Cop Hurt by Hatchet Vividly Illustrates Flaw in Disability Law, PBA Claims
Nov. 4, 2014 Key Civilian Pacts in Place, Linn Set For Contentious Battle With PBA
Nov. 4, 2014 Editorial: ‘Courtesy’ in a Climate Where Mercy Withers
Nov. 4, 2014 The Big Fix: PBA, SBA Cry Hypocrisy on Ticket
Nov. 4, 2014 Appeals Court Denies Police Unions’ Appeal In ‘Stop-and-Frisk’
Oct. 10, 2014 Editorial: Police Unions’ Valid Role
Oct. 21, 2014 Police Union Heads Join in Criticizing Aide to Mayor’s Wife
Sept. 30, 2014 Yield on Stop-and-Frisk, Advocates Urge Unions
Sept. 23, 2014 Garner Family Medical Expert: No Indication Chokehold Was Used
Sept. 16, 2014 Bratton to Council: On 2nd Thought, Another 1,000 Cops Sounds Good
Sept. 16, 2014 Begin Push for 25-Year Extension Of Federal Zadroga Act Coverage
Sept. 9, 2014 Shirts vs. Thin Skins: UFT in New Police Flap
Sept. 9, 2014 Police Unions: Unanswered Questions In NYPD’s Plan to Use Body Cameras
Sept. 2, 2014 Arbitration Looms Again In PBA Wage Dispute
Aug. 26, 2014 3 Police Unions Throw the Book At Mulgrew Over UFT Role in March
Aug. 26, 2014 Staten Island DA to Call Grand Jury for ‘Garner’
Aug. 19, 2014 UFT Steps on PBA Toes
Aug. 12, 2014 For the Record
Aug. 12, 2014 Police Unions Defend ‘Garner’ Cops, Rip Sharpton and Call Out de Blasio
July 29, 2014 PBA, Sharpton Duel On Disciplinary Legislation
July 29, 2014 In Aftermath of Death, Bratton Orders Retraining for Cops in Use of Force
July 22, 2014 2 Cops on Desk Duty After Death in Which Chokehold Was Used
July 8, 2014 Mayor: Shooting Spike Unrelated to Reduction in Stop-and-Frisks
July 8, 2014 Court of Appeals Not Swayed by Cop-Union Case for Tier 3 ITHP
July 8, 2014 PBA: Moving ‘Inside’ Cops to Street Shows How Short NYPD Is
July 1, 2014 Former NYPD Chief To Head Emergency Mgmt.
June 16, 2014 Mayor, Council Stand In Way of Improved Police/Fire Disability
June 2, 2014 NYPD Will Use Veteran Cops to Mentor Rookies
June 2, 2014 Court Rules City Had Right to End Release Time for PBA Trio
June 2, 2014 NYPD Giving Patrol Cops Drug Kits To Reverse Heroin ODs
May 23, 2014 Cop Injured in Fire Leaves Hospital But Could Receive Lesser Pension
May 23, 2014 Editorial: Restore ‘Tier 2 Disability’
May 16, 2014 Keeping Cop-Killers Behind Bars
May 12, 2014 Despite Strong Vote, Health-Care Accord Stirs Union Anger
May 12, 2014 UFT’s 4% 2009-10 Pay Hikes Won’t Be Paid Until 2015-18
May 5, 2014 Push for Memorial Recognizing Those Who Died of 9/11 Illnesses
May 5, 2014 Bratton: Cop Morale Starting to Perk Up; Raises Would Help
May 5, 2014 Some Opposition, But Key Union Leaders Support UFT Deal
May 5, 2014 Structure‘Breakthrough’ 9-Year UFT Deal Keyed By ‘Retro’ Pay Phase-in, Health-Care Savings, School Reforms
Apr. 14, 2014 Despite Bratton, PBA Concerns, Mayor Says NYPD Not Short Staff
Apr. 14, 2014

NYPD Creates a Fire-Response Guide While Mourning Officer Killed by Bla

Mar. 31, 2014 Bratton: Adding Cops Would Help to Drive Down Crime Further
Mar. 17, 2014 Mayor Praises First-Responders For Post-Blast Efforts in Tough Conditions
Mar. 17, 2014 PBA Applauds Judge’s Order Punishing Man For Lying About Cops
Mar. 3, 2014 From Party-Planning To Life-Saving for 2 EMTs
Mar. 3, 2014 PBA Outraged by Hiring Of Brancato for Video
Mar. 3, 2014 PBA Pleased Parole Board Rejected Bid Of ’72 Cop-Killer
Feb. 25, 2014 Stop-and-Frisk Appeal Returns to Trial Court
Feb. 11, 2014 New Regime At City Hall Has PBA Back At Table
Feb. 11, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Revising PBA Pay, History
Feb. 3, 2014 Bratton to Cops: Follow Me and I’ll Back You
Feb. 3, 2014 Bratton Stops And Questions ‘Impact,’ Returns to Mentors
Feb. 3, 2014 De Blasio Agrees To Settle City Appeal In Stop-and-Frisk Case
Jan. 27, 2014 No Parole Warranted
Jan. 27, 2014 Widow and Daughter of Murdered Cop Join PBA to Oppose Killers’ Parole
Jan. 13, 2014 Advocates Object To Police-Union Motions On Frisks, Profiling
Jan. 13, 2014 Police Unions Lose 2nd Post-Shooting Breathalyzer Battle
Jan. 13, 2014 Nab 72 Retired Cops, 8 Ex-Firefighters In Social Security Scam
Jan. 6, 2014 Police Unions Strive To Keep ‘Stop’ Appeal Alive
Jan. 6, 2014 PBA: ‘Will Take Any Steps Necessary’ To Keep Brancato Honest
Jan. 6, 2014 Ex-Chief Negotiator Under Koch Given Reins by de Blasio


Dec. 10, 2013 De Blasio Taps Bratton to Succeed Kelly As Commissioner of NYPD
Dec. 2, 2013 NYPD Memo Intended To Ease Cop Profiling Fear
Oct. 28, 2013 PBA Backing Thompson for DA May Be Death Knell for Hynes’s Chances
Oct. 21, 2013 PBA, SBA Sue to Annul New Anti-Profiling Law
Oct. 11, 2013 Cop Unions: Shortage Of Officers Leads To Patchwork, Bad Will
Oct. 1, 2013 Urge More Training for Cops to Deal With Emotionally Disturbed Persons
Oct. 1, 2013 COBA Head: Need Minority Police Commissioner to Right NYPD Ship
Oct. 1, 2013 PBA Rejects City Pay Proposal’s Givebacks: No Thanks for Nothin’
Aug. 26, 2013 Council Overrides Veto of Police Bills; Bloomberg Now Looks to the Courts
Aug. 19, 2013 Razzle Dazzle: Bloomberg Alarmed For His Legacy, Not Safety
Aug. 19, 2013 PBA Objects to Judge’s Order of Body Cameras
Aug. 19, 2013 Cop Unions on Real ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Problem: It’s the Headcount, Stupid
Aug. 5, 2013 Guerriero Gains Enthusiastic Backing Of PBA in Public Advocate Contest
Aug. 5, 2013 With New Pact Three Years Overdue, PBA Comes Calling on City
Jul. 29, 2013 Killer of 2 Detectives Given Death Sentence
Jul. 29, 2013 Mayor’s Veto of Anti-Profiling Bill Puts Pressure on Council Majority
Jul. 22, 2013 PBA ‘Profiling’ Target: No Foe, So No Sweat
Jul. 22, 2013 Police Unions Intensify Push Against Profiling Bill As Bad for Cops
Jul. 15, 2013 For the Record
Jul. 15, 2013 Retired Cops Given Exemption From Gun Magazine Reduction
Jul. 15, 2013 PBA Pressures Council Members on Profile Bill
Jul. 8, 2013 Mayoral Candidates Scold Bloomberg For Undue Influence in Profiling War
Jul. 1, 2013

Mayor Vows to Veto Profiling and IG Bills, But Can He Prevent Override?

Jun. 10, 2013 Appeals Court Threatens to Curtail Jail Time in Vehicle Assault of Sgt.
Jun. 10, 2013 Justice Prevails: Bought Testimony Kills Verdict
May 28, 2013 Letter from Pat Lynch
Apr. 23, 2013 PBA Aids Boston Police While Mayor, Kelly Tighten Security
Mar. 18, 2013 CCRB Ready to Handle Police Discipline Cases
Mar. 18, 2013 Reduction of 837 Cops by Attrition Sparks Heat From Council and PBA
Mar. 4, 2013 PBA Cheers 45-Year Minimum Sentence For Figoski’s Killer
Feb. 25, 2013 Rule Retired Disabled Cops Must Pay Part Of Their Health Tab
Feb. 4, 2013 Despite Likely Cop Exodus, Budget Not Expanding Ranks
Jan. 29, 2013 Cuomo’s Limits For Arbitration Awards May Not Cover City
Jan 14, 2012 Razzle Dazzle: In ‘Frisk’ Case, Stop And Question Mayor
Jan. 14, 2013 Judge Tells NYPD To End Trespass Stops At Bronx Buildings
Jan. 7, 2013 Parole Repeal in Cop's Killing Upheld by Court
Jan. 2, 2013 Fourth Strikeout in Bid For Parole in Murder Of P.O. Edward Byrne


Dec. 28, 2012 After the Storm, a Merry Christmas
Dec. 17, 2012 Court Awards Accident Disability Pensions To 3 Ground Zero Cops

Dec. 11, 2012

BCB Upholds Policy Of Breath-Testing Cops Involved in Shootings
Dec. 11, 2012 Third Man in 1988 Murder of Cop Is Denied Parole Again
Dec. 4, 2012 Cop's Kindness to Stranger Warmed More Than Feet
Dec. 4, 2012 Say CCRB Cop Trials Give NYPD Head Too Much Say
Nov. 6, 2012 PBA Offices Battered By Water and Wind; Aiding Cops by Phone
Nov. 6, 2012 Crime Dropped While Cops Still Had Their Hands Full
Nov. 6, 2012 Disaster-Relief Fund Created by Police Unions to Aid Cops
Nov. 6, 2012 After Getting Relatives To Safety, Cop Dies In Electrified Water
Oct. 22, 2012 Cop Unions: Council 'Frisk' Bills a Risky Overreaction
Oct. 1, 2012 Bronx Bombers: Mayor, PBA Leader Blast DA
Oct. 1, 2012 Union Needed to Protect Management From Itself
Sep. 17, 2012 PBA Makes It Easier For Public to Oppose Paroling Cop-Killers
Sep. 17, 2012 For Cops, More Cameras A Double-Edged Sword
Jul. 13, 2012 2nd Appellate Panel Tosses A Search That Found Gun
May 25, 2012 Cop-Killer Sentenced To 28-1/2 Years Behind Bars, Pleasing PBA
May 25, 2012 Acquitted in Bronx of Running Down Officer, Felon Guilty in Queens
May 18, 2012 PBA Ad Lights Up NYPD Over Pressure on Tickets
May 4, 2012 Editorial: Cops Stretched Too Thin?
May 4, 2012 2 Police-Union Officials Admit Fixing Tickets
Apr. 13, 2012 PBA: Cops Stressed Out by Ticket Raps
Jan. 17, 2012 Move to Force NYPD To Provide ‘9/11’ Duty Lists
Feb. 6, 2012 'We Do What We Can to Get them Through'; How PBA Eases Deaths' Aftermath


Dec. 2, 2011 PBA: IAB Inspector’s Retirement Puts Taint On Ticket-Fix Probe
Nov. 4, 2011 Cops Rally in Support Of 16 at Ticket-Fixing Bronx Court Hearing
Oct. 28, 2011 Nassau Exec Retreats On Bid to Annul Labor Pacts
Sep. 30, 2011 Cuomo Inks Bill Ending ‘Pension Roulette’ For City Cops, Firefighters
Sep. 16, 2011 Lynch: Work Protecting Responders is Not Done
Jun. 24, 2011 Ex-Cop Wants Job Back After Appeal Clears Him
Jun. 17, 2011 Lynch Slate Wins, Beats Back Challenge From Voice of Cops
May 13, 2011 At Council's Urging, Mayor Sets Funding for New Cop Class
Apr. 19, 2011 Nationwide Network For First Responders Urged
Apr. 19, 2011 Mayor Assailed on Move To Delay a Police Class
Mar. 17, 2011 NYPD Officer Killed By a Shove; Nassau Cop is Also Slain
Feb. 18, 2011 Unions Call Mayor the Lyin' King on VSF
Feb. 18, 2011 VSF Money Not a 'Bonus,' Cop, Fire Unions Assert
Feb. 18, 2011 Union Leaders Insist they're Not Bending in Fight Over VSF
Feb. 18, 2011 Razzle Dazzle: Unions Finally Aroused By Mayor's Distortions
Feb. 18, 2011 Editorial: Mayor Stung By the Truth
Feb. 7, 2011 PBA Comes Out Swinging On Proposed Pension Cut
Jan. 31, 2011 Current Cops, Firefighters Threatened by VSF Push


Dec. 24, 2010 Santa Needs a Gift
Dec. 17, 2010 PBA Leader Assails Judge for Granting Bail in Cop-Shooting
Dec. 10, 2010 Cop-Killers Not Gaming System; PBA’s ‘Parole-Shopping' Claim An Urban Legend
Dec. 10, 2010 Police Unions, Kelly Push For Zadroga Bill in D.C.; Senate Republicans Balking
Dec. 10, 2010 NYPD Ends Program Paying Cops Extra To Work on Vacation
Dec. 3, 2010 Ehmer Becomes 30th Cop To Die After 9/11 Illness
Dec. 3, 2010 PBA: Stop Cop-Killers' Parole-Board Shopping
Nov. 5, 2010 Timoshenko Killers Plead Not Guilty In Queens Shooting
Nov. 5, 2010 10 Police Unions Line Up to Give Cuomo Their Nod
Oct. 1, 2010 Mayor: Cameras, Not Cops, Counterterrorism's Future
Jul. 30, 2010 Move Bill Exempting Officers from Quotas For Any Activity
Jul. 23, 2010 No Prison Time for Cop Who Shoved Bike-Rider
Jul. 9, 2010 Protest Overturned Death Sentence for Cop-Killer
Jul. 9, 2010 ‘Sodomy' Suit Against Cops Fails
Jul. 9, 2010 Cop Acquitted of Assault Despite Violence in Video
Jul. 2, 2010 Police, Firefighter Unions Target 'Pension Roulette'
Jun. 11, 2010 PBA, Cop's Widow Blast Parole Grant for Killer
May 28, 2010 PBA President Urges White House to Fund 9/11 Health Study
May 14, 2010 Mayor Puts Onus On Albany With Proposed 6,400 Teacher Cuts
May 7, 2010 Pogan Hopes to Avoid Jail After Conviction for Lying
Mar. 26, 2010 Razzle Dazzle: Pensions a Beachhead For Class Warfare
Mar. 5, 2010 At MTA, Light in Tunnel Is a Train Carrying Pain
Feb. 26, 2010 NYPD Experimenting With CCRB Lawyers Trying Cop Cases
Feb. 26, 2010 A Tale of the Tat Colors Mineo Trial's Outcome


Nov. 6, 2009 Uphold Withdrawal Of Parole for Cop-Killer After Family Objects
Oct. 23, 2009 Cops’ Kids Feel Residual Effects of Post-9/11 Work
Oct. 23, 2009 Longtime Critic, First-Time Backer
Aug. 7, 2009 Mourn Frank Bruno, Longtime Staff Chief to PBA President
May 1, 2009 Federal Bill to Add Cops To NYPD Clears House
May 1, 2009 PBA Says 9/11 Health Bill Might Exclude Some Cops
Apr. 17, 2009 Razzle Dazzle: 'Unaffordable' Pensions: Unsupportable Rhetoric
Apr. 17, 2009 Unions Rip City Memo Warning of Need For Up to 7,000 Layoffs
Mar. 20, 2009 'Christmas Bonuses' And Other Wicked Fables
Mar. 20, 2009 2nd Murder Conviction In Police Officer's Killing


Oct. 3, 2008 Pay, Longevity Gains Spur Huge Approval Vote for PBA Pact
Jun. 27, 2008 PBA, Council Demand More Cop Hiring
Mar. 7, 2007 Spirit Lives On
Feb. 15, 2008 Letter to the Editor
Feb. 8, 2008 Finest of the Finest
Jan. 4, 2008 For the Record: PERB
Jan. 4, 2008 Razzle Dazzle


Dec. 25, 2007 PBA Ad: "To set a “fair and reasonable” wage for NYC Police Officers, the Taylor Law instructs the city to ... "
Dec. 14, 2007 PBA: Even Cop Critics Believe Pay's Too Low
Dec. 14, 2007 Bratton: Cops Merit Best Pay
Dec. 7, 2007 Lynch on Hirsch's Decision
Nov. 30, 2007 PBA Ad: "To set a “fair and reasonable” wage for NYC Police Officers, the Taylor Law instructs the city to ... "
Nov. 22, 2007 Surprise Witnesses Aid PBA Pay Case
Nov. 9, 2007

PBA Says Sanit Staff Cleans Up, Cops Get Trash; Wants Pay Disparity To Be Corrected In Arbitration

Nov. 9, 2007 Razzle Dazzle: Mayor Trips Over Pedestal
Nov. 9, 2007 Say Bloomberg Apologized For 'No Hero' Slur
Nov. 2, 2007 PBA, City Gear For Arbitration In Pay Dispute; Recruitment, Retention Woes vs. Concerns About Parity
Oct. 26, 2007 PBA Ad: "Professor Sides With PBA Against City in Contract Fight"
Oct. 26, 2007 'A Political Policy'
Oct. 19, 2007 Urge Eased Criteria for WTC Pensions
Oct. 19, 2007 Guilty Verdict In Officer's Murder
Oct. 12, 2007 Unions Suing Over Breathalyzer Policy
Oct. 12, 2007 DEA Pact: 17% Raise Plus Key Benefit Gains
Sep. 28, 2007 Strapped New Cops Squeezed on Guns
Sep. 28, 2007 Editorial: Nickel-And-Diming New Cops
Sep. 21, 2007 Extended Tours on PBA Agenda for Arbitration
Sep. 21, 2007 PBA Ad: " The Police Officer is a Professional, and It's Time the City and the Department Stopped Trying to Delavue the Rank"
Sep. 21, 2007 PBA Clericals Protest Health Program Shift
Sep. 14, 2007 Length of Cop Tours Is Ruled Negotiable
Sep. 14, 2007 NYPD Offers Free Sgt. Test Courses
Sep. 14, 2007 Schmertz Brouhaha Stalls Labor Cases
Aug. 17, 2007 PBA Ad: " The Taylor Law It's Called: That Means It Must Be Enforced, That Means It Must Be Obeyed."
Aug. 3, 2007 Cops Split Blame For Stalled Pact
Jul. 13, 2007 Select Panel Chair For PBA Contract
Jul. 13, 2007 PBA Ad: "Underestimated Revenues + Overestimated Expenses = Budgets Unfair to Police Officers "
Jun. 29, 2007 Bill May Avert Breathalyzer Tests for Cops
Jun. 22, 2007 Solidarity for PBA Appeal on Tours
Jun. 15, 2007 PBA Ad: "After Years of Denial, NYPD Brass Wakes up to 'Serious' Recruitment and Retention Problem"
Jun. 15, 2007 PBA, City Say Crisis Exists In Recruiting Cops
May 11, 2007 PBA Head Rips Into Rudy's Hero Image
May 11, 2007 PERB Mediator To Decide PBA Arbitration Beef
May 11, 2007 Razzle-Dazzle: UFA Re-Opener Burns PBA
May 11, 2007 PBA Ad: "Attrition Bargaining: Another City Creation That Violates the Taylor Law?"
May 4, 2007 PBA Calls Clause Of UFA Contract Illegal
Apr. 20, 2007 Puglissi to Receive Honor
Apr. 20, 2007 Rule PBA, SBA Entitled to Data On Benefit Use
Apr. 20, 2007 3 Police Unions Block Schmertz Role At PERB
Apr. 13, 2007 PBA Ad: "Parity Wars: The City Fights Its Own Demons"
Apr. 6, 2007 Court Deals City Key Setback In PBA Arbitration
Mar. 23, 2007 PBA Says Cop Shortage Merits Break in Parity
Mar. 16, 2007 PBA Ad: "The Myth of Pattern Bargaining"
Mar. 16, 2007 Cops on Street Fault City For Stalled Contract
Mar. 2, 2007 New PERB Head Disputes City In PBA Arbitration
Feb. 9, 2007 Mayor Sues To Force Issue In PBA Arbitration; Seeks Panel Chair's Installation; Lynch: 'He's Desperate'
Feb. 9, 2007 PBA Ad: "PBA Speaks Out Over the Issues"
Feb. 2, 2007 City Names Arbiter, Says PBA Defaulted
Feb. 2, 2007 PBA: 'Max' Pay Too Minimal To Retain Officers
Jan. 26, 2007 Rule NYPD Can Withhold Officer Files From PA
Jan. 12, 2007 Kelly Calls in Outside Firm
Jan. 12, 2007 Say PBA Could Have Arbitrator Forced Upon It
Jan. 5, 2007 Editorial
Jan. 5, 2007 Kelly: Cop Shortage A Matter of Money


Dec. 1, 2006 Mayor: Excessive Force in Shooting
Nov. 3, 2006 Mayor, PBA Trade Blame on Pay Stall
Sep. 22, 2006 PBA Blasts City Over 'Slow Response' To Health Crisis
Sep. 15, 2006 PBA, City Begin Wage Mediation
Sep. 1, 2006 State's Top City Mediator Steps Into PBA Talks
Jun. 30, 2006 PBA Gives Cuomo Its Backing for AG
Jun. 30, 2006 Police, Fire Unions Get Key Bill Okays
Jun. 30, 2006 UFT Among 20 Unions to Form Wage Coalition
Jun. 30, 2006 Coalition's a Round Late
Jun. 23, 2006 Uphold Bouncing Of Justice Blackburne
May 26, 2006 City Offers PBA $8G Boost In Starting Salary
May 5, 2006 For the Record ...
May 5, 2006 MTA Chairman Blocks Vote On TWU Contract
Mar. 17, 2006 BCB Clears Mayor Of Meddling in PBA
Mar. 10, 2006 NYPD Gets 2nd Order to Give Cop Files to PA
Mar. 3, 2006 PBA's Criticism Of DEA Pact Spurs Uproar
Mar. 3, 2006 Sentence Cops' Killer to Life Without Parole
Feb. 17, 2006 NYPD Cop Records Must Go to PA P.D.
Feb. 3, 2006 Arbitrators: Summons quotas exist and must cease: NYPD violated rules for HQ security staff and must pay.
Feb. 3, 2006 Mayor Seeking To Cut Union Benefits
Jan. 27, 2006 Letter: City Won’t Pay Cops Fairly
Jan. 13, 2006 President Reinstates Police Hiring Funds


Dec. 2, 2005 Panel: Blackburne Must Be Removed
Nov. 25, 2005 Early Blessing For Spitzer From PBA
Nov. 18, 2005 Want Cops’ Personal Data Off Internet
Nov. 11, 2005 City Confident About ‘Transfer’ Pay Cuts
Sep. 30, 2005 Filing is Down 30% for Police Officer Exam
Sep. 30, 2005 Letter to the Editor: Wasn’t PBA’s Choice
Aug. 19, 2005 Cancer Bill For Police and EMS Nixed by Pataki
Jul. 8, 2005 Editorial: PBA Deal a Tricky Read
Jul. 8, 2005 PBA 10% Hike Offset by Cut for 'Unborn'
Jul. 8, 2005 PBA Pact: '88 in the Shade
Jun. 24, 2005 Editorial: Pataki Does Right on 9/11 Bill
Jun. 24, 2005 Pataki Approves WTC Disability For Responders
Jun. 17, 2005 Unions Hopeful On 9/11 Disability Bill
Jun. 3, 2005 State Troopers Get 12.5% Hike, ‘Longevity’ Leap
Jun. 3, 2005 PBA: Tail Those Troopers
Apr. 22, 2005 Council Seeking Big Additions of Cops, Teachers
Apr. 22, 2005 PBA Delegates Approve 35% Boost in Dues
Apr. 8, 2005 Council Rips MTA Over Public Safety
Apr. 1, 2005 Lynch to Boost PBA Dues 35% To Cover Costs
Mar. 18, 2005 NYPD Considers Hair Drug-Test For All Cops
Mar. 11, 2005 PBA Takes Stand for Clerks
Feb. 11, 2005 Letter to Editor: Keep Assassins Behind Bars
Jan. 28, 2005 Honor Heroism, Humanity
Jan. 28, 2005 Arbitrator: PBA Insistent About 2-Year Contract
Jan. 28, 2005 Cop-Killer Hit By PBA Push Against Parole


Dec. 24, 2004 Editorial: The Mayor’s Scare Tactics
Dec. 3, 2004 PBA: Loss of Grant Will Reduce Cops
Dec. 3, 2004 Police May Win OK To Hire Legal Aliens
Nov. 26, 2004 Misreading PBA Arbitrator
Nov. 26, 2004 Cop-Shooter Faces Trial
Nov. 26, 2004 PBA: NYPD Fudges Its Hiring Numbers
Nov. 12, 2004 Police Union Sues Kelly on Discipline
Aug. 20, 2004 Bargaining As Street Theater
Aug. 6, 2004 Wage Deal Fallout Not Cheap
Aug. 6, 2004 PBA Threatens To Disrupt GOP Fest Over Pact
Jul. 23, 2004 Garden Protesters: We Can’t Keep Up
Jul. 23, 2004 Mayor, Unions Play Politics
Jul. 16, 2004 City Unions Picket To Welcome RNC
Jun. 25, 2004 Long Arm of NYPD Not Reaching Many
Jun. 4, 2004 PBA, UFA Join UFT for Wage Protest Jun. 8
May 28, 2004 Mediator Named To Break Ice In PBA Talks
May 7, 2004 Mayor Blisters Rally Plans For GOP Gathering
May 7, 2004 Cop Gets Pension For ‘WTC Cancer'
Apr. 30, 2004 Won't Sell Unborn
Mar. 26, 2004 PBA, SBA Claim Some Precincts Fudge on Crime
Mar. 19, 2004 Contract Talks At An Impasse, PBA Asserts
Feb. 20, 2004 PBA Calls For Kelly to Resign Over ‘Betrayal'
Feb. 13, 2004 Unions Question Pharmaceutical Firm’s Charges
Feb. 13, 2004 Million-Dollar Award
Feb. 6, 2004 Lynch: Kelly Spoils Cop-Shoot Inquiry
Feb. 6, 2004 Editorial: Kelly's Candor
Jan. 16, 2004 No Plan for Raises
Jan. 16, 2004 Billboard in Times Square


See Chief-Leader stories from current year.
Dec. 26, 2003 Boost Employee Health Payout Under City Deal
Dec. 26, 2003 PBA Honors 44 for Bravery
Dec. 5, 2003 Editorial: The MLC’s Suspicious Minds
Nov. 28, 2003 Shot Cop Testifies In $2.5M Civil Suit
Nov. 21, 2003 Jury Backs Officers In Busch Shooting
Nov. 15, 2003 Advertisement: 10 Top Reasons NYC Cops Deserve a Real Raise
Oct. 17, 2003 For the Record
Oct. 17, 2003 BCB Hits P.D. For Smearing Delegate
Oct. 17, 2003 Razzle Dazzle
Oct. 17, 2003 Police and Fire Unions Question MLC’s Authority
Sep. 26, 2003 Cops in Nassau Get 21% Raise In 6-Year Deal
Sep. 26, 2003 Razzle Dazzle
Sep. 26, 2003 Friction Within Ranks
Sep. 12, 2003 Cop Unions: NYPD Has Staffing Crisis
Aug. 1, 2003 New P.D. Rule: Cops Must Give Name if Asked
Jun. 20, 2003 Eyes On Albany As Unions Push For Legislation
Jun. 13, 2003 Lynch Easily Gains 2nd Term at PBA
May 23, 2003 Judge: Transfer Anti-Union
May 23, 2003 Delegates Back Lynch
May 23, 2003 PBA Offering Gun Locks To All City Cops
May 23, 2003 Lynch Seeks 2nd Term
Apr. 25, 2003 Bloomberg, Unions Play Blame Game Over Budget Logjam
Apr. 25, 2003 ‘Doomsday’ for Public Safety
Apr. 25, 2003 Razzle Dazzle
Apr. 18, 2003 ‘Atlas’ Cops Going To Six-Day Week
Mar. 14, 2003 Lynch to Receive Award
Feb. 14, 2003 Health Co-Pays Among Giveups Sought By City
Feb. 7, 2003 Razzle Dazzle: Unions Face the Whirlwind
Jan. 31, 2003 Bloomberg Tastes P.D. 'Spirit'
Jan. 24, 2003 Bloomberg’s Bluff Backfires
Jan. 24, 2003 Mayor Retreats From Threat Of Police Layoffs
Jan. 17, 2003 Bloomberg Calls For New Round Of Agency Cuts


Dec. 27, 2002 PBA Will Sue Suspect Over Cop Shooting
Dec. 13, 2002 PBA: It’s the Pay, Stupid
Dec. 13, 2002 Annual Party
Dec. 13, 2002 Mayor’s Top Aide: Must Reform F.D.
Nov. 22, 2002 Tied to Commuter Hike Unions Aim to Undo Nonresident ‘Tax”
Nov. 22, 2002 UFA Gets 10% Hike, Matching Terms for PBA
Nov. 22, 2002 Mayor: Save Jobs, Do More
Nov. 15, 2002 High No-Show Rate for Police Test Continues
Nov. 8, 2002 Crackdown On Homeless Isn’t Our Job – PBA

Nov. 1, 2002

Eye Emergency Cash to Boost Cop, Fire Pay

Nov. 1, 2002

Endorse Pataki

Oct. 25, 2002 6,300 Cops Given Replacement Vests
Oct. 11, 2002 State Cites NYPD Over Vest Defects
Oct. 4, 2002 Oct. 11 Hikes, Nov. Back Pay For Cops
Sep. 20, 2002 PBA Says City Got Cold Feet On 17.5% Deal
Sep. 20, 2002 Two 13th Precinct Cops Remembered
Sep. 20. 2002 Port Authority Police Officer Exam is Open
Sep. 13, 2002 No One Smiling Over Arbitration Award for PBA
Sep. 6, 2002 Urge Supplemented Police, Fire Hikes
Sep. 6, 2002 Cops Have Right to Sing the Blues
Aug. 23, 2002 Finest, Bravest Take to Street
Aug. 9, 2002 PBA Hopes Bump Into Reality
Aug. 9, 2002 Turndown a 'Victory for Cops'
Aug. 1, 2002 PBA Appoints Black Officer to No. 3 Post
Jul. 19, 2002 For The Record
Jul. 5, 2002 Cop-Killer's Parole Bid Stirs Passions
Jun. 28, 2002 Finest Honor Their Own
Jun. 7, 2002 Police Test To Open to Packed House
Jun. 7, 2002 Recovery Effort Over
May 10, 2002 NYPD Eyes Tough Penalties for DWI
May 10, 2002 NYPD Crimson? Test at Harvard
May 3, 2002 Furor Sidetracks Civilianizing Push
May 3, 2002 IBO Sizes Up Ideas To Balance Budget
Apr. 26, 2002 Cop, Fire Unions Rip Cuomo
Apr. 19, 2002 UFT Award Ain't Over Yet
Apr. 19, 2002 Spokesman at Transit Takes Job With PBA
Apr. 12, 2002 For the Record
Apr. 12, 2002 City to PERB: Give PBA 9.8% Over 2 Years
Apr. 12, 2002 City's Tune: Do You Know the Pay in San Jose?
Mar. 22, 2002 Honoring Moira Smith PBA to Take 'Men' Out of Union Label
Mar. 22, 2002 PBA Seeks 22% Raise for Two Years in Arbitration
Mar. 22, 2002 Kelly Issues Orders On Racial Profiling
Mar. 15, 2002 72 Leave NYPD To Join Port Authority
Mar. 8, 2002 Verdicts Tossed For Three Cops In Louima Case
Mar. 8, 2002 NYPD Looks to Ivy League for Recruits

Mar. 1, 2002

PBA Hits Detective Promotions in ESU

Feb. 22, 2002 Budget Spreads Pain and Steers Clear of Layoffs
Feb. 22, 2002 Colleagues Mourn P.O. Moira Smith
Feb. 15, 2002 Mayor: NYPD Will Not Repeat Diallo
Feb. 15, 2002 Cop Union Protests WEF Chart Change
Feb. 15, 2002 Kelly: We need Outside Counsel On Recruitment
Feb. 2, 2002 Court Union Seeks "Armor"
Jan. 11, 2002

Unions Unsure On Bloomberg Plans for Them

Jan. 11, 2002

PERB Panel Is Picked to Rule On PBA Pact

Jan 18, 2002 Kelly Floats Pension Incentives to Defer Cop Retirements


Dec. 28, 2001 Cop Counselors Warn: Many At Risk for PTSD
Dec. 28, 2001 State Top Court Lets PBA Pay Talks Go to PERB
Dec. 7, 2001

Taking Arms Against Stress

Nov. 30, 2001

City Cops Tempted by Offers of Out-of-Town Depts.

Nov. 16, 2001

PBA, City Fight PERB Battle at Appeals Court

Nov. 16, 2001

Firefighter Leaders Claim Cop Union AWOL at Rally

Nov. 9, 2001

PBA Asks PERB To Name Panel For Arbitration

Oct. 26, 2001 PBA Stiffs Markman
Oct. 19, 2001 UFA Postpones Contract Ballot Amid Mourning
Oct. 19, 2001 Green Could Ax Pattern to Get Fire, Cop Pacts
Sep. 28, 2001

Top State Court To Hear City's Appeal On PBA

Sep. 4, 2001

NYPD Seeks To Make All DWI's Cause For Firing

Aug. 31, 2001

PBA Suits Charge Drug Price-Fixing

Aug. 24, 2001

PERB Declares Impasse in PBA Contract Talks

Aug. 3, 2001

Coalition Deal Plays It Safe

Aug. 3, 2001

Saunders Feels the Pinch

Aug. 3, 2001 Now the Hard Bargaining
Jul. 27, 2001 10% Looms as Key for 2-Year 'Uniform' Deal
Jul. 27, 2001 PERB Gets To Work on PBA Impasse Claim
Jul. 27, 2001 Court Hears Appeal of Louima Verdicts
Jul. 20, 2001 Court Upholds PBA Victory on PERB
Jul. 13, 2001 PBA Blasts Cop Class Over Lax Hiring Standards
Jul. 6, 2001 Bloomberg Blooper Stirs Unions' Wrath
Jul. 6, 2001 Compensation Bills Go to Pataki's Desk
Jun. 29, 2001 City Defers to Judge Over CCRB
Jun. 8 , 2001 Podiatric College Cites PBA Head
May 11, 2001 Mayor and PBA Debate Pay in Times Square
May 11, 2001 Mayoral Contenders Bck Cop Residence
May 4, 2001 City, PBA Back to Table; PERB fight Continues
Apr. 27, 2001 Court: PERB is Right Place For PBA Arbitration
Mar. 23, 2001 Police Fight New Disciplinary Proposal
Mar. 23, 2001 Editorial on CCRB Plan
February 9, 2001 All Diallo Cops Cleared in U.S. Probe of Case
Jan. 19, 2001 Cops Take Fight to City Hall
Jan. 19, 2001 Rudy's Unredeemed Pledge
Jan. 5, 2001 Editorial: Is Cheapest Deal Really Best?
Jan. 5, 2001 Rudy: Not Hard to Retain Good Cops, Teachers


Dec. 22, 2000 PBA Plays PERB Card, Says OLR Refuses to Deal
Dec. 22, 2000 Pataki Signs Police Pension Legislation
Dec. 15, 2000 PBA Says City Stonewalling Contract Talks
Dec. 15, 2000 PBA States Its Case — Editorial
Dec. 15, 2000 "Cops of the Month" Ceremony
Dec. 1, 2000 NYPD Asks for $115M More in Cops' Overtime
Nov. 10, 2000 "Death Gamble" Bill for Police, Fire Signed
Oct. 20, 2000 PBA's Unlikely Gunslinger
Sep. 15, 2000 PBA Endorses Lazio
Aug. 25, 2000 PBA Forced To Raise Co-Pays On Drug Plans
Aug. 11, 2000 Unions to Safir: Salary, Staffing Key to Morale
Aug. 11, 2000 PBA Backs Probe of NYPD Spying
Aug. 4, 2000 PBA President Helps Cops In Tunnel Collar
Jul. 28, 2000 City Cop Unions See Danger in Fed Monitoring
Jul. 28, 2000 PBA Blasts City Over Merit Pay Offer for Cops
Jun. 23, 2000 Cops Demand Cash Plus Some Respect
Jun. 9, 2000 Judge Backs PBA on Brothel Probe
Apr. 7, 2000 PBA Hits Barring of Official
Apr. 7, 2000 PBA President: Quotas Add to 'Anti-Cop' Mood
Apr. 7, 2000 Cops Furious at Helmet Policy
Mar. 10, 2000 Convict 'Louima Cops' of Lying About Assault
Mar. 10, 2000 PBA Urges Feds Not to Try Cops In Diallo Case
Mar. 3, 2000 Acquit Cops of All Charges in Death of Diallo
Mar. 3, 2000 PBA Suing P.D. in Grilling of Official
February 25, 2000 PBA Holds Nose For Senate Race.
Jan. 21, 2000 Mull Incentives To Avert Mass COP Retirements
Jan. 21, 2000 Paralyzed Cop Shows Support For Schwarz
Jan. 14, 2000 Editorial: Safir's Sucker-Trap Fails
Jan. 14, 2000 PBA, Safir Spar in Patrol Bonus Fight
Jan. 14, 2000 Pay an Issue in Using Heart Devices
Jan. 14, 2000 City Hall Talks on P.D. Discipline Bill
Jan. 7, 2000 Sues to Stop Detective Promos
Jan. 7, 2000 Alter Uniformed Force Vesting Bill


Dec. 24, 1999 Knock NYPD Over Flimsy Abuse Cases
Dec. 24, 1999 Louima Cops Face 2nd Trial
Dec. 17, 1999 30 years for Volpe in Louima Assault
Dec. 10, 1999 PBA Blisters ACLU Over Ad on Diallo
Dec. 10, 1999 Former Transit, Housing Cops Win Tax Battle
Dec. 10, 1999 Gov. Vetoes 1, OKs 2 Police, Fire Bills
Dec. 3, 1999 Seek Morale Boost for Police Officers
Nov. 26, 1999 Unions Vow: Won't Get Fooled Again
Nov. 26, 1999 P.D. Tries Cop in Shooting of Squeegee Man
Nov. 26, 1999 Assure Benefits for TA and HA Retirees
Nov. 19, 1999 PBA's Political Clout Shown on Long Island
Nov. 12, 1999 Unions Help Defeat Charter Revisions
Nov. 12, 1999 PBA Helps Squash Subway Sting Plan
Aug. 27, 1999 PBA Demands Cop's Release in Louima Case