29 May 2013    



A city Councilman is calling for 500 able-bodied cops to get back out on to foot patrols instead of sitting on desk duty.  
P.O. Peter Figoski


Man convicted of murder of killed police officer Peter Figoski

By Alison Bowen

Another man has been convicted in the killing of police officer Peter Figoski.

Kevin Santos, 32, was convicted of second-degree murder and burglary, according to the Brooklyn district attorney’s office.

As Santos and Lamont Pride, sentenced to 45 years in February, tried to flee a building in December 2011, they shot the officer in the face, killing him, prosecutors said.

“These jurors have every reason to be proud of themselves, because their courageous verdict will allow their neighbors to live in the comfort of knowing that these killers are off the street,” PBA president Patrick Lynch said. “While the trials are over, the pain and suffering of the Figoski family will continue for a lifetime.”