Jan. 12, 2017 Ex-Black Liberation Army member convicted of killing two cops in 1971 up for parole 
Jan. 9, 2017 Police union files suit over release of body camera footage


Dec. 19, 2017 Special Report: Cop killer and his 'compromised brain' head to jail in shooting slay of Brian Moore
Dec. 19, 2017 PBA to follow de Blasio to Iowa to protest police officer pay
Dec. 13, 2017 Council compromises with NYPD on search reform bills
Dec. 10, 2017 Fallen NYPD officers’ families gather for holiday party
Dec. 7, 2017 On union power, it’s two-faced Bill de Blasio
Nov. 29, 2017 Mediator brought in to help NYPD union, city reach new contract amid stalled talks
Nov. 10, 2017 Man convicted of murder in 2015 NYC police officer slaying
Nov. 9, 2017 NYPD orders more transit cops to patrol subways alone, leaving some worried for their safety
Nov. 9, 2017 Jury deliberations begin in trial of 2015 NYC cop slaying
Nov. 6, 2017 Police officer acquitted in fatal traffic dispute shooting
Nov. 2, 2017 NYPD boss James O'Neill praises hero cop who took down terrorist Sayfullo Saipov
Oct. 21, 2017 Queens prosecutor says all evidence points to Demetrius Blackwell in NYPD officer Brian Moore’s murder 
Sept. 27, 2017 Judge allowed teen drug dealer who shot Yonkers cop Kayla Maher back on streets despite weapons possession charges
Sept. 17, 2017 John Jay College professor under fire for tweet about teaching 'future dead cops' calls de Blasio 'anti-police'
Sept. 16, 2017 John Jay professor placed on administrative leave for tweeting he’s proud to teach ‘future dead cops’
Sept. 14, 2017 NYPD releases bodycam footage showing fatal police shooting of Bronx man wielding fake gun
Sept. 2, 2017 CCRB chairwoman wants to stop considering criminal history of citizens complaining about police
Aug. 23, 2017 Patrolmen's Benevolent Association seeks impasse as contract talks with de Blasio stall
Aug. 11, 2017 Gunman shoots NYPD officer in arm, bulletproof vest before killing self
July 27, 2017 Queens senator proposes rent subsidy for families of emergency responders killed on the job
July 21, 2017 'Heroic' retired NYPD cop dies from 9/11-linked cancer weeks after Ground Zero illness claimed another officer
July 13, 2017 Mayor de Blasio brushes off the cops who turned their backs to him at slain Bronx officer’s funeral
July 12, 2017 Hundreds of NYPD cops turn backs to de Blasio in protest as he speaks at funeral for slain Officer Miosotis Familia
July 12, 2017 Thousands mourn loss of NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia at Bronx funeral; ‘She passed with love in her heart’
July 11, 2017 Three men busted in separate incidents for threatening to kill NYPD officers
July 10, 2017 Judge releases Brooklyn man who tried to grab cop's gun only days after Bronx officer shot dead
July 9, 2017 Bronx vigil for slain NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia draws hundreds
July 7, 2017 NYPD installing bullet-shielding windows for vehicle fleet
July 7, 2017 EDITORIAL: Out through the ER door: How the system failed Alexander Bonds
July 7, 2017 NYPD officers hailed as heroes for gunning down cop killer Alexander Bonds
July 7, 2017 Surveillance footage shows gunman approaching vehicle before fatally shooting NYPD officer 
July 6, 2017 EDITORIAL: A city’s brave defender struck down
July 6, 2017 Frantic NYPD officer radios for help after partner is shot
July 6, 2017 New York police officer 'assassinated' by gunman: official
July 5, 2017 Miosotis Familia, NYPD officer killed in police vehicle, was mother of three, former Red Cross worker
June 17, 2017 Teen accused of dragging cop two blocks in stolen car charged with attempted murder
June 11, 2017 East Harlem NYPD stationhouse tainted with traces of Legionnaires' disease, cop hospitalized
June 6, 2017 Teen who critically injured NYPD cop with stolen car is a gang member with massive rap sheet, faces attempted murder charge
June 5, 2017 NYPD officer in critical condition after being dragged along pavement by 15-year-old driving stolen car
May 19, 2017 Hispanic cops to boycott Puerto Rican Day Parade over honors for deadly NYC bomber
May 12, 2017 City moves to appeal ruling that lets NYPD officers pay into their pensions while on maternity or paternity leave
Apr. 27, 2017 NYPD cops, union officials hand out brochures about NYC's opioid epidemic near Yankee Stadium
Apr. 9, 2017 NYPD officers on leave for child's birth allowed to pay into pensions, state Supreme Court rules
Apr. 4, 2017 Remember the right name: NYPD officer Randolph Holder's killer is sentenced
Apr. 4, 2017 Tyrone Howard sentenced to life in prison for killing NYPD cop Randolph Holder
Mar. 31, 2017 Court reverses decision to reveal records of Garner chokehold cop
Mar. 24, 2017 NYPD searching for Civilian Complaint Review Board worker who leaked info about cop who killed Eric Garner
Mar. 22, 2017 Board recommended discipline for Officer Daniel Pantaleo years before fatal Eric Garner chokehold: report
Mar. 7, 2017 Tyrone Howard convicted of killing NYPD Officer Randolph Holder
Feb. 27, 2017 PBA approves five-year labor contract with New York City
Feb. 6, 2017 Police union boss Pat Lynch admits stalking Mayor de Blasio helped cops snag new contract
Feb. 2, 2017 Editorial: New York City reaches contract deal with largest police union
Feb. 1, 2017 New York City reaches contract deal with largest police union
Jan. 25, 2017 Mayor de Blasio proposes $84.67B budget with more money for streets, schools, homelessness
Jan. 20, 2017 New Yorkers divided over de Blasio decrying Trump — but comfortable with Cuomo championing city’s causes
Jan. 18, 2017 Police union boss Pat Lynch blames jump in NYPD resignations on low pay
Jan. 14, 2017 Mighty Quinn: Jan. 14
Jan. 14, 2017 Top cop James O'Neill delivers heartfelt words at funeral for Steven McDonald, a 'symbol of forgiveness'
Jan. 14, 2017 Eulogy given by James O'Neill at Steven McDonald's funeral.
Jan. 12, 2017 Readers sound off on Steven McDonald
Jan. 12, 2017 Mourners pack Long Island village for NYPD hero Steven McDonald’s wake
Jan. 12, 2017 Cops say 'Ferguson effect' makes them hesitant to use force — even when they think they should — in survey
Jan. 11, 2017 Steven McDonald, NYPD cop paralyzed three decades ago in Central Park shooting, dead at 59
Jan. 11, 2017 Former top cops remember Det. Steven McDonald as 'living saint'
Jan. 11, 2017 Late NYPD Detective Steven McDonald showed devotion to Catholicism with monthly prayer groups at L.I. church
Jan. 5, 2017 Here's how the NYPD brought city crime to a record low in 2016


Dec. 11, 2016 Police union holiday party spreads cheer to NYPD widows and children
Nov. 29, 2016 Nearly half of New Yorkers disbelieve stats showing city has gotten safer, cop union's poll shows
Nov. 11, 2016 NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo mourned as hero who saved fellow cop's life at funeral
Nov. 5, 2016 NYPD sergeant shot dead, second wounded in Bronx gunfight with heavily armed suspect
Nov. 5, 2016 Editorial: A city loses a hero: Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo, R.I.P.
Nov. 2, 2016 PBA bashes de Blasio's decision to appoint attorney John Siegal to the Civilian Complaint Review Board
Oct. 24, 2016 Labor leaders accuse Mayor de Blasio of betraying unions by choosing donors and progressive pals over working New Yorkers
Oct. 24, 2016 SBA boss Ed Mullins rips de Blasio, O’Neill for jumping to condemn officer who shot and killed Deborah Danner 
Oct. 19, 2016 Queens NYPD pension seminar draws more than 800 cops eyeing retirement amid safety concerns, pay woes
Oct. 15, 2016 Cops revive unconscious 1-year-old girl on Bronx sidewalk, rush her to hospital 
Oct. 15, 2016 Mayor de Blasio, NYPD top cop calls for law allowing cop disciplinary records to publicized
Sept. 27, 2016 Cops resume protest outside Mayor de Blasio's favorite Brooklyn gym, demanding wage hike
Sept. 26, 2016 Police union to renew push for pay raises by protesting Mayor de Blasio as he exercises at Brooklyn YMCA
Sept. 21, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: Two cops injured in clash with goons on dirt bikes and ATVs as NYPD battles growing plague of the illegal vehicles
Sept. 14, 2016 NYPD cops on 'modified duty' after corruption, brutality cases are raking in cash thanks to overtime pay
Sept. 9, 2016 FDNY’s new hires to see increase in disability benefits for making ‘the ultimate sacrifice’ 
Sept. 2, 2016 Trump-loving Milwaukee sheriff says 'blue lives matter' after being honored as PBA person of the year
Sept. 2, 2016 De Blasio calls on Albany to nix law that hides NYPD officers' disciplinary records; cop unions protest
Aug. 26, 2016 Editorial: The PBA’s Man of the Fear: The NYPD union's cynical divisive choice
Aug. 26, 2016 Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a proud Trump supporter and avid Black Lives Matter basher, named PBA’s person of the year
Aug. 23, 2016 Cops, brass pack wake for former NYPD First Deputy Commissioner John Timoney
Aug. 19, 2016 Letter sent by Pat Lynch to the editor
Aug. 19, 2016 The raises our police deserve: Why the PBA chief is wrong to fight for increases above and beyond what the city has agreed to with other NYPD unions
Aug. 18, 2016 John Timoney, who rose from Bronx beat cop to become first deputy commissioner, dies at 68
Aug. 16, 2016 Cops get the short end of de Blasio's stick, again
Aug. 12, 2016 PBA President Pat Lynch slams Mayor de Blasio's $2M raises for his staff
Aug. 11, 2016 New city law requires public buildings to provide rooms for breast-feeding moms
Aug. 8, 2016 Former Bloomberg consultant Bradley Tusk starts anti-de Blasio crusade dubbed ‘NYC Deserves Better’ 
Aug. 2, 2016 Cops get in Mayor de Blasio's face to demand wage hike, shadowing him at Gracie Mansion, Brooklyn YMCA and café
July 26, 2016 NYPD spending $7.5M on heavy-duty vests, ballistics helmets for officers
July 21, 2016 Editorial: Attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge show police officers need to be better equipped to deal with active shooters
July 21, 2016 Protesters cuffed at NYPD union that they say protects killer cops who target black people; union head rejects criticism
July 16, 2016 Mayor de Blasio says his 'exemplary' son Dante follows the law, but fears police brutality: 'Black Lives Matter as an idea is so important'
June 30, 2016 Mayor de Blasio’s chief legal counsel is resigning among City Hall, financial probes
June 29, 2016 PBA, NYC hit standstill in contract talks as union boss Patrick Lynch blasts de Blasio
June 27, 2016 Gov. Cuomo asked to intervene in police union fight with Mayor de Blasio over disability benefits
June 25, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: Bill to require cops to be retrained in CPR every two years stalls in Senate for fifth straight year
June 24, 2016 Manhattan judges uphold law allowing police to be sued for racial profiling
June 18, 2016 Randolph Holder Sr. accepts ‘bittersweet’ Finest of the Finest Award for slain NYPD son
June 15, 2016 Brooklyn teen who set mattress fire that ended up killing NYPD officer gets 19 years to life 
June 7, 2016 De Blasio reaches pension deal with three uniformed unions — but not PBA 
June 4, 2016 PBA complaint about arbitrator who ruled against union’s bid for higher raises rejected 
June 2, 2016 Police and NYCHA worker union leaders demand more cops in public housing to reduce crime
June 2, 2016 NYPD will track incidents of officers using force, encourage cops to de-escalate tensions
June 1, 2016 Patrolmen's Benevolent Association launches second TV ad pressuring de Blasio to back higher NYPD salaries
May 26, 2016 Police union wants law change allowing NYPD cops to collect full disability pension if hurt on the job
May 17, 2016 Patrolman's Benevolent Association TV ad slams de Blasio over NYPD pay
May 6, 2016 Marcell Dockery found guilty of murder, arson and assault for April 2014 mattress fire in Coney Island apartment building that killed NYPD officer, injured another
Apr. 26, 2016 NYPD officer who nearly died, lost partner in Coney Island fire testifies against teen who allegedly sparked the blaze
Apr. 15, 2016 De Blasio talks big on income inequality but won't spare a buck for the NYPD, PBA boss Patrick Lynch says
Apr. 14, 2016 Richard Emery: A watchdog’s bark and bite
Apr. 14, 2016 Civilian Complaint Review Board Chairman Richard Emery steps down a day after he was sued over misogynistic comments
Apr. 13, 2016 PBA President Pat Lynch slams NYPD for disciplining cop who told motorist Mayor de Blasio ‘wants us to give out summonses’ 
Apr. 12, 2016 PBA: NYPD cops more diverse, paid less  
Apr. 5, 2016 Abdul Majid, convicted of killing NYPD cop in 1981, dies in jail  
Apr. 1, 2016 Arbitrators vow to stop handling labor disputes involving NYPD’s biggest union as retaliation for PBA ‘bullying’ mediator
Mar. 31, 2016 Postal worker arrested for shouting at cops in Brooklyn wants apology from NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton
Mar. 24, 2016 Akai Gurley's family outraged after Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson recommends house arrest, no jail time, for ex-NYPD cop Peter Liang
Mar. 16, 2016 NYPD officers reluctant to take enforcement actions under threat of lawsuits, public complaints
Mar. 14, 2016 First time PBA union survey says NYPD morale at rock bottom under Mayor de Blasio
Mar. 12, 2016 South Bronx street renamed after Kevin Gillespie, NYPD officer killed in 1996 carjacking
Mar. 9, 2016 Manhattan U.S. Attorney won't convene grand jury against NYPD officer who killed Ramarley Graham in 2012
Mar. 7, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: PBA will call for firing of CCRB Chairman Richard Emery in scathing new ad 
Mar. 1, 2016 Civilian watchdog head says his law firm will stay away from agency's NYPD misconduct cases
Feb. 29, 2016 PBA President Pat Lynch says CCRB chair Richard Emery should ‘resign or be fired’ 
Feb. 26, 2016 Editorial -- Money matters, Richard: CCRB chair Emery needs to distance himself from his firm's police-misconduct cases
Feb. 26, 2016 CCRB Chairman Richard Emery apologizes for calling NYPD unions ‘pigs’
Feb. 25, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: CCRB chairman says police unions are ‘squealing like a stuck pig’ for calling for his removal
Feb. 21, 2016 NYPD officer shot in Brooklyn gunfight and detective father both saved by bulletproof vests 27 years apart
Feb. 21, 2016 Two NYPD cops wounded in possible friendly fire incident after wild Brooklyn car chase, shootout with suspect armed with .357 Magnum
Feb. 20, 2016 Mayor de Blasio should replace Civilian Complaint Review Board chairman because his law firm represents a client suing the city, PBA president Patrick Lynch says
Feb. 19, 2016 Editorial: Bill's Council cop out
Feb. 13, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: Civilian Complaint Review Board chief's law firm represents plaintiff suing NYC from CCRB case
Feb. 12, 2016 NYPD Officer Peter Liang found guilty of manslaughter in fatal shooting of Akai Gurley in Brooklyn housing development 
Feb. 11, 2016 NYPD cop Diara Cruz released from hospital nearly one week after getting shot in Bronx housing project by ex-con
Feb. 6, 2016 Editorial: Veto the pay raise
Feb. 6, 2016 NYPD officer Patrick Espeut leaves Bronx hospital after shot in face, nearly killed in ambush at NYCHA housing complex
Feb. 5, 2016 Two NYPD officers shot in the Bronx; one suspect dead of self-inflicted gunshot
Jan. 23, 2016 Arbitrator who ruled on NYPD's small pay raise defended by colleagues
Jan. 22, 2016 Arbitrator who worked NYPD 1% raise case ended hearing early in June to see Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett and still got paid 
Jan. 21, 2016 Ex-con turns himself in after allegedly threatening to kill NYPD and Philadelphia cops; pledged allegiance to ISIS
Jan. 21, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: Arbitrator gives NYPD cops 1% salary raise, gets paid $115G for 46 days needed to reach the decision
Jan. 16, 2016 Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight,' boycotted by the NYPD, has been a box-office dud so far
Jan. 15, 2016 Mayor de Blasio OKs recommended raise of nearly $26,000 for City Council members, but he’ll pass on his own salary bump
Jan. 5, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: NYPD wants Civilian Complaint Review Board to show how its members vote on police cases
Jan. 5, 2016 CCRB members are public officials, thus voting records should be transparent
Jan. 5, 2016 Revealing CCRB voting info creates hit list of NYPD enemies


Dec. 31, 2015 Son of Joseph Lemm salutes his casket during funeral hailing NYPD cop killed in Afghanistan as 'hero of our time'
Nov. 26, 2015 Union bosses say NYPD not ready for Paris-style attack, want to arm patrol cars with heavy weapons
Nov. 25, 2015 Tyrone Howard pleads not guilty to murder of NYPD Det. Randolph Holder in front of courtroom packed with family, cops
Nov. 14, 2015 1% raise is official for cops in Patrolmen's Benevolent Association
Nov. 13, 2015 Late NYPD cop’s father continues to push Zadroga Act after Congress let it lapse
Nov. 12, 2015 PBA President Pat Lynch rallies hundreds of NYPD officers outside Gracie Mansion to protest 1% pay raise
Nov. 10, 2015 NYPD cops angry over tiny 1% raise to protest at Gracie Mansion, hoping to send a 'strong message' to Edelman and de Blasio
Nov. 5, 2015 NYC cops protest state arbitrator’s recommended 1% police officer pay increase: ‘We deserve better’
Nov. 5, 2015 NYPD work slowdown possible after 1% raise proposal for Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association members
Nov. 3, 2015 Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association chief angered by 1% hike draft proposal
Oct. 31, 2015 Quentin Tarantino's father bashes son's anti-police statements
Oct. 29, 2015 Philadelphia police union joins New York, LA calls to boycott Quentin Tarantino's films after 'Hateful Eight' director's anti-cop remarks
Oct. 26, 2015 NYPD union wants New Yorkers to boycott Quentin Tarantino movies for his views on police
Oct. 25, 2015 Rev. Al Sharpton voices support for sending violent criminals to jail, not rehab, after NYPD cop Randolph Holder's death
Oct. 22, 2015 Man accused of killing NYPD Officer Randolph Holder greeted by angry family, cops at arraignment
Oct. 21, 2015 NYPD Officer Randolph Holder dies after being shot in the head by gunman in East Harlem
Oct. 20, 2015 Phillip Cardillo — NYPD cop fatally shot in 1972 Harlem mosque incident ignored by city — honored with street name
Oct. 9, 2015 PBA's volley
Oct. 2, 2015 Editorial: Excessive farce: No, inspector general, the NYPD is not out of control
Oct. 2, 2015 Cops must report any use of force under new NYPD rules
Oct. 2, 2015 NYPD failing to stop cops who use excessive force: inspector general
Sept. 25, 2015 NYPD officially debuts stop-and-frisk 'receipts' and new rules for cops
Sept. 23, 2015 Some disarming advice for cops
Sept. 22, 2015 James Blake has 'productive' meeting with Bill de Blasio, Bill Bratton about race issues after mistaken NYPD arrest
Sept. 20, 2015 Far Rockaway street renamed for NYPD officer killed in arson fire
Sept. 12, 2015 Video shows James Blake takedown by NYPD cop James Frascatore; 'I know what happened to me is not uncommon': Blake
Sept. 11, 2015 NYPD cop James Frascatore covered up his mistaken arrest of James Blake; police commissioner, mayor apologize to the tennis star
Aug. 26, 2015 NYPD receipts for nonarrests will spur complaints against cops, making them less aggressive: PBA head
Aug. 19, 2015 Times Square cops transferred over photos with topless women 
Aug. 13, 2015 NYPD chief Bill Bratton touts fewer shootings, less overall summertime crime
Aug. 11, 2015 PBA president sues PR firm over ‘stolen’ mail list 
Aug. 7, 2015 FDNY union and City Hall agree on tentative 7-year contract
Aug. 4, 2015 NYC changes sergeant’s exam policy after pregnant cop misses exam while giving birth — and wasn’t allowed to reschedule 
July 31, 2015 Experts: NYPD body camera program needs tweaks, community input
July 22, 2015 NYPD cops caught on video beating alleged pizza thief taken off the street 
July 18, 2015 Nineteen Bronx cops hit with administrative charges for downgrading crime reports: officials 
July 8, 2015 Gov. Cuomo promises executive order to appoint special prosecutor to probe police-involved deaths
July 1, 2015 Cops and anti-gun advocates warn against 'deathtrap' iPhone case shaped as handgun: 'This is going to get our kids killed'
June 29, 2015 EXCLUSIVE: Gay rights groups seek law to curb police searches and require cops to identify themselves
June 24, 2015 De Blasio's decision to add 1,300 cops came after being swayed by Commissioner Bratton's vision for NYPD: sources
June 12, 2015 Demetrius Blackwell pleads not guilty in fatal shooting of NYPD Officer Brian Moore
June 6, 2015 Chirlane McCray recalls a rosier than real 1977 New York City while de Blasio insists less stop-and-frisks makes city safer
June 6, 2015 Patrick Lynch re-elected as PBA president in landslide victory; pledges to 'Do what's in the best interest of our members'
June 3, 2015 PBA head Pat Lynch says city needs more cops and less ‘constant second-guessing’ to combat rise in murders, shootings 
May 30, 2015 NYPD cops, firefighters rally in front of City Hall for more disability benefits
May 28, 2015 PBA president Pat Lynch accuses opponent Brian Fusco of stealing police mailing list — days before union election
May 24, 2015 NYPD officers win $226,000 in suit against city for wrongful rehab placement
May 22, 2015 NYPD cop shot in both legs as rookie last year earns PBA honor
May 21, 2015 PBA to honor heroic officers
May 17, 2015 NYPD union slams 'Hands Up' art installation in Queens
May 16, 2015 Cuomo supports fire and police unions’ push for better benefits for recent hires, putting himself at odds with de Blasio 
May 9, 2015 PBA head says city in 'dire' need of more NYPD cops as City Council predicts it will happen
May 9, 2015 Editorial - Brian Moore: A life that mattered 
May 9, 2015 Thousands of cops attend funeral of slain NYPD Officer Brian Moore: 'His bravery was matched by his compassion'
May 6, 2015 PBA head Patrick Lynch says he is 'gratified by Mayor de Blasio’s strong support' after fatal shooting of NYPD Officer Brian Moore
May 5, 2015 NYPD officer shot in face by ex-con in Queens dies from injuries, gets salute from hundreds of police officers outside hospital
May 4, 2015 PBA boss Patrick Lynch holds his fire after shooting of cop
May 4, 2015 NYPD officer clinging to life after being shot by ex-con in Queens, police sources say; gunman charged with attempted murder
Apr. 22, 2015 NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure calls for upgrade of cop performance reviews, recommends data-driven approach  
Apr. 8, 2015 Lawyer slams police union for trying to seize 10K from cop-killer Herman Bell
Apr. 6, 2015 Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association works to seize more than $10K from cop-killer for victims’ families
Mar. 31, 2015 Nightspots worry Lillo Brancato would draw NYPD raids because of cop killing, but he says he doesn't drink
Mar. 26, 2015 EXCLUSIVE: NYPD disciplinary process for bad behaving cops revamping, shifting power to precinct commanders
Mar. 25, 2015 Lillo Brancato lands first movie role in ‘Back In The Day’ following jail stint; police union head calls for boycott
Mar. 20, 2015 Federal judge rules police unions should have voice in stop and frisk reforms
Mar. 17, 2015 FDNY union pushes state lawmakers to fix disability benefits for firefighters
Mar. 17, 2015 Police unions: NYPD is handcuffing cops on Clean Halls patrols
Mar. 15, 2015 PBA head slams NYPD Commissioner Bratton's idea of offering surveys to 911 callers
Mar. 4, 2015 NYPD issues new stop-and-frisk rules that ban stops based on race 
Feb. 27, 2015 NYPD cop who blew whistle on alleged quota system can pursue suit against city: federal appeals court
Feb. 11, 2015 Akai Gurley, Peter Liang and the course of justice
Feb. 7, 2015 De Blasio rushes to purchase 13,000 bullet-resistant vests for NYPD cops
Feb. 5, 2015 Detroit-area man indicted for NYPD cop-beheading threat on Facebook has Asperger’s: mom
Feb. 5, 2015 NYPD Commissioner Bratton opposes Cuomo's proposal for independent monitor when grand jury fails to indict cop
Feb. 3, 2015 Winking smiley face: Brooklyn teen boy's emoji cop threat charges tossed by grand jury
Jan. 30, 2015 Bronx defense firm knowingly participated in cop-killing music video, city says
Jan. 28, 2015 PBA to mayor: We need bullet-proof vests now!
Jan. 26, 2015 City investigates defense firm’s role in music video featuring lyrics about killing police
Jan. 23, 2015 Streets named for slain officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu
Jan. 17, 2015 NYPD cop, shooting victim Andrew Dossi, leaves hospital with fist-pump amid applause
Jan. 17, 2015 Patrick Lynch says he's not bothered by non-cop critics
Jan. 16, 2015 Rank and file rip PBA union boss Patrick Lynch for ‘temper tantrum’
Jan. 15, 2015 Editorial: De Blasio's sorry performance heats up his war with the NYPD
Jan. 15, 2015 Cuomo meets with PBA President Patrick Lynch, Detectives' Endowment Association leader Michael Palladino: sources
Jan. 14, 2015 PBA’s Patrick Lynch spurs yelling, shoving among cops over NYPD-City Hall feud
Jan. 13, 2015 Pat Lynch says report on officers’ unnecessary use of chokeholds displays 'anti-police bias'
Jan. 10, 2015 A New Yorker’s message to the cops
Jan. 10, 2015 Editorial: Pat Lynch, lawbreaker
Jan. 10, 2015 Police Commissioner Bratton admits NYPD slowdown, declares it's over
Jan. 8, 2015 NYPD's Aliro Pellerano leaves Bronx hospital after being shot during armed robbery
Jan. 8, 2015 Bratton, NYPD union bosses fail to resolve differences with City Hall during meeting without Bill de Blasio
Jan. 7, 2015 NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton will meet with police union leaders to discuss drop in arrests
Jan. 5, 2015 Cops turn backs on Mayor de Blasio during eulogy for NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu
Jan. 4, 2015 Relatives weep at slain NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu's wake, NYPD cops do not turn backs on Bill de Blasio
Jan. 3, 2015 NYPD Commissioner William Bratton urges officers not to turn backs on Mayor de Blasio at Officer Wenjian Liu's funeral.


Dec. 31, 2014 Bill de Blasio administration reached out to labor, business leaders ahead of tense cop union meeting
Dec. 31, 2014 Bill de Blasio meets with NYPD union leaders, PBA chief Patrick Lynch, but fails to repair his broken relationship with police
Dec. 29, 2014 Bill Bratton: Police turning their backs on de Blasio was ‘very inappropriate’
Dec. 28, 2014 Pat Lynch's comments on the overwhelming turnout of police officers from around the country for the funeral of P.O. Rafael Ramos.  Lynch said he hopes for a similar turnout for the upcoming funeral of P.O. Wenjian Liu. 
Dec. 28, 2014 Vice President Biden, Gov. Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton eulogize Officer Rafael Ramos at Queens funeral
Dec. 25, 2014 Mets captain David Wright reaches out to sons of slain NYPD officer Rafael Ramos 
Dec. 25, 2014 'Gotham' star Ben McKenzie contributes to Daily News fund for families of slain NYPD cops Wenjian Liu, Rafael Ramos
Dec. 25, 2014 JetBlue is flying cops to NYPD officer’s funeral for free
Dec. 21, 2014 NYPD cops furious with Bill de Blasio turn their backs on the mayor as he enters hospital where officers died
Dec. 19, 2014 Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch blasts de Blasio, says he is 'running a f---ing revolution'
Dec. 19, 2014 De Blasio to cops: Thanks for your help
Dec. 18, 2014 Staten Island judge recuses himself from hearing on whether to release grand jury proceedings in Eric Garner case
Dec. 15, 2014 Timothy Cardinal Dolan: Demonizing NYPD or city's leaders won't unite New York
Dec. 13, 2014 PBA president to City Hall: Support not ‘crocodiles tears’ 
Dec. 13, 2014 Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association to Mayor de Blasio, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito: Stay home if we die on duty. Story, opinion and editorial.
Dec. 11, 2014 Union head Pat Lynch 'disgusted' by City Council's NYPD plans
Dec. 10, 2014 NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau grills Officer Daniel Pantaleo in review of Eric Garner chokehold death 
Dec. 8, 2014 New York City prosecutors oppose state attorney general’s request to investigate when cops kill unarmed civilians
Dec. 8, 2014 In 179 fatalities involving on-duty NYPD cops in 15 years, only 3 cases led to indictments — and just 1 conviction

Dec. 4, 2014 'The time for remorse was when my husband was yelling to breathe': Eric Garner's widow lashes out at NYPD cop who put her husband in fatal chokehold
Dec. 2, 2014 Female cops face discipline over posting pics in uniform to sexy Instagram account
Nov. 17, 2014 Rachel Noerdlinger, embattled aide to NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray, leaves office as mayor slams 'repulsive' scrutiny by media
Nov. 14, 2014 NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton tells City Council to back off attempts to rein in police
Nov. 11, 2014 NYPD to stop arresting for minor marijuana possession, will issue tickets instead
Nov. 6, 2014 NYPD picks former Obama appointee for first deputy following Philip Banks' retirement
Nov. 5, 2014 New York City cops to be charged for beating Brooklyn teenager: sources
Oct. 28, 2014 Cops wrongfully helped Staten Island chokehold victim Eric Garner’s mom: union
Oct. 10, 2014 NYPD claims rough stop-and-frisk cop took $62 from Brooklyn man, not $1,300
Oct. 3, 2014 Police Commissioner Bill Bratton declares war on dirty cops, says he will rid NYPD of those who are 'poisoning the well'
Sept. 25, 2014 Stop and Frisk rally at City Hall — but this time against unions, not NYPD
Sept. 25, 2014 Grand jury to begin hearing evidence Monday in NYPD custody death of Eric Garner
Sept. 23, 2014 Stop-and-frisk judge says body cameras for cops could have prevented Eric Garner, Michael Brown deaths
Sept. 22, 2014 Rookie NYPD cop killed, 8 officers injured as patrol van crashes in Bronx
Sept. 20, 2014 Forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden agrees with city medical examiner's autopsy of Eric Garner
Sept. 15, 2014 Wanted: A CCRB that’s fair to cops
Sept. 8, 2014 NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton changes tune, says he needs another 1,000 cops after all 
Sept. 5, 2014 60 NYPD cops set to begin wearing body cameras in pilot program
Aug. 31, 2014 Man high on PCP who died in police custody responsible for own death, cop union says
Aug. 22, 2014 Public Advocate pushes for body cameras for cops in wake of chokehold death
Aug. 20, 2014 Staten Island District Attorney will convene grand jury to weigh criminal charges in death of Eric Garner
Aug. 8, 2014 Death of Eric Garner creates various viewpoints on his arrest and police conduct
Aug. 8, 2014 NYPD Chief Philip Banks remains silent on death of Eric Garner, which resulted from an investigation he ordered
Aug. 4, 2014 Rev. Al Sharpton rips police union president for criticizing man who taped cops arresting Eric Garner
Aug. 2, 2014 HOMICIDE: Medical examiner says NYPD chokehold killed Staten Island dad Eric Garner
July 31, 2014 Judge blocks police unions from getting involved in stop-and-frisk case
July 20, 2014 New video shows police offered no medical help to unresponsive Staten Island dad Eric Garner; cop who used chokehold is stripped of shield, gun
July 3, 2014 Police union head: 'Operation All Out' is a band-aid response to escalating gun violence
July 3, 2014 NYPD will move nearly 400 cops from desk jobs to crime hot spots during summer
June 25, 2014 Legislature gives police union win with bill to rein in discipline rules
June 18, 2014 Public allowed to sue NYPD cops over stop-and-frisk profiling, state judge rules
June 9, 2014 PBA prez: Pass bill to raise benefits for cops who are seriously injured
May 17, 2014 Families of murdered NYPD Officers Harry Ryman and Anthony Dwyer to Parole Board: Leave killers behind bars
May 2, 2014 Oops! Retired cops get $12,000 by mistake and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association tells them not to spend it
May 2, 2014 Marcell Dockery arraigned in second-degree murder of cop killed in Coney Island arson
May 2, 2014 Mayor de Blasio, city teachers agree to tentative nine-year contract including back pay, bonuses
May 2, 2014 NYC police union and city at an impasse to reach contract deal
Apr. 24, 2014 Nix new cops, I want raises 
Apr. 21, 2014 Boston shows it's brave and 'strongah' a year after the Boston Marathon bombings 
Apr. 14, 2014 Fallen cop Dennis Guerra, killed in Coney Island arson, leaves legacy of devotion to duty and family
Apr. 11, 2014 Teen who allegedly started fire that killed Brooklyn cop slapped with murder charges as fallen cop’s relative breaks down
Apr. 10, 2014 Officer Dennis Guerra dies after days-long fight for life following Coney Island fire; teen arson suspect faces murder charge
Apr. 10, 2014 NYCHA firebug in death of cop has a record and should have been evicted earlier
Apr. 10, 2014 Hamill: Hero first-responder died trying to save the life of Coney Island families
Apr. 7, 2014 Two NYPD cops critically injured, suspect in custody in Coney Island fire caused by burning mattress 
Apr. 3, 2014 NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton stands by comments saying Raymond Kelly left him a police force with ‘awful’ morale
Feb. 28, 2014 Shot Cop Released From Hospital
Feb. 27, 2014 Hamill: Even in death, rookie cop Eddie Byrne's assassination in Jamaica sparked the beginning of a safer city
Feb. 26, 2014 Rookie NYPD cop shot in both legs in Brooklyn after attempt to bust bus fare-beater
Feb. 25, 2014 Cop-killer Herman Bell denied parole in murder of two NYPD officers in 1971 
Feb. 22, 2014 Federal appeals court stops NYPD unions' bid to halt Mayor de Blasio's stop-and-frisk deal
Feb. 13, 2014 Brooklyn judge slams cops' testimony in gun seizure case as 'inherently and transparently false'
Feb. 7, 2014 Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association ordered back to contract bargaining table
Feb. 1, 2014 Nearly 1,000 motorists caught speeding by city's cameras in two week period
Feb. 1, 2014 Bratton to reform Operation Impact; wants NYPD rookies to start at precincts, not on street in high-crime areas
Jan. 30, 2014 Mayor de Blasio announces New York's stop-and-frisk appeal is on hold
Jan. 24, 2014 Slain cops’ families in Harlem killings split on whether killers should be paroled


Dec. 31, 2013 'Sopranos' actor Lillo Brancato released from jail after serving 8 years for role in cop's death
Nov. 20, 2013 Awards for 40 cops cited for acts of bravery
Nov. 7, 2013 De Blasio fears spur police unions to try intervening in stop-frisk lawsuit
Nov. 1, 2013 Stop-and-frisk judge removed from case, reforms put on hold after federal appeals court ruling
Oct. 15, 2013 Police union plans lawsuit over City Council stop-and-frisk law
Oct. 7, 2013 Op-Ed: The real fix for stop-and-frisk
Sept. 19, 2013 Add prostate to WTC woes
Sept. 19, 2013 Ivy League law professors to help implement stop-and-frisk reforms
Sept. 19, 2013 Study finds stop-and-frisk leads to mistrust of cops, unwillingness to cooperate with police
Aug. 21, 2013 Queens Borough President candidate Peter Vallone Jr. gets endorsed by PBA
Aug. 13, 2013 Stop-and-frisk ruling: Officials, activists react to decision imposing monitor on NYPD
Jul. 23, 2013 Mayor Bloomberg Vetoes Stop And Frisk Bills
Jul. 8, 2013 Civil Service: Patrolmen's Benevolent Association jumps on bandwagon against police oversight legislation
Jul. 1, 2013 PBA Gunning For City Council Members Who Supported Community Safety Act
May 29, 2013 Kevin Santos convicted in shooting death of NYPD Officer Peter Figoski
May 29, 2013 UFT, PBA bosses say billions owed in back pay for union members
May 16, 2013 Mother of Bronx teen shot dead by police hospitalized after judge tosses indictment of NYPD cop
May 8, 2013 Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota stirs 9/11 fury by calling Port Authority police 'mall cops'
Apr. 24, 2013 Cops take care of their own by funding repairs to home where Artur Kasprzak died
Apr. 18, 2013 City lends its Finest aid to Boston cops
Feb. 13, 2013 Pat Lynch reacts with outrage to the jury’s acquittal of Michael Velez, the getaway driver in the death of PO Peter Figoski 
Feb. 12, 2013 Hero Officer's Family Let Down (by Pat Lynch)
Feb. 12, 2013 Cop killer Lamont Pride dodges life without parole: found not guilty of intentionally murdering police officer Peter Figoski, but guilty of second degree murder
Jan. 24, 2013 Figoski trial: Love for the fallen officer and his family — cells for the fiends


Dec. 22, 2012 Gifts of hope: Far Rockaway's Hurricane Sandy victims get toys, clothes
Dec. 19, 2012 Police Union boss Pat Lynch calls for an assault weapon ban
Dec. 14, 2012 Court of Appeals ruling makes it easier for ailing 9/11 first responders to collect more generous pensions
Sep. 14, 2012 Police union takes to Internet to keep convicted cop killer Salvatore Desarno behind bars
Sep. 12, 2012 City's overtime bill for Fiscal Year 2012 is about $1.2 billion, with the top eight overtime earners taking home $90k or more in extra-hours pay
Jul. 19, 2012 Robert Ellis, cleared of murder in slaying of Police Officer Russel Timoshenko, gets 25 years in another attack
Jul. 4, 2012 City Hall says lives are at risk after court tosses gun charges on another teen who was caught packing heat during stop-and-frisk
Jun. 14, 2012 Cops cheer NYPD Officer Richard Haste, charged in death of teen Ramarley Graham
Jun. 11, 2012 Cop who shot unarmed Bronx teen Ramarley Graham indicted
May 2, 2012 Brooklyn crook convicted of shoving a veteran cop to his death from a Boerum Hill stoop
Apr. 19, 2012 Five men charged with killing NYPD cop Figoski won’t be tried together
Apr. 11, 2012 79th Precinct cops claim retribution
Apr. 10, 2012 NYPD cops should be treated like heroes, not perps

Mar. 5, 2012

PBA: No need for cops to have mental-health checks
Feb. 28, 2012 Det. Kevin Brennan, the hero cop shot in the back of the head, stares down alleged shooter in court
Feb. 15, 2012 List of 9/11 first-responder cops with cancer to be handed over to Mount Sinai Medical Center
Feb. 13, 2012 Cancer-causing toxins found on uniform of Officer Alonzo Harris, who survived being buried at WTC
Feb. 1, 2012 Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly prohibits cops from wearing NYPD merchandise
Jan. 6, 2012 20,000 pages of evidence in tix-fix scandal
Jan. 5, 2012 Todd Scott, the man who killed Police Officer Edward Byrne, is denied furlough.


Dec. 28, 2011 Court finds 9/11 toxins likely caused NYPD Officer Frank Macri's fatal cancer
Dec. 13, 2011 Story about Brancato and Pat Lynch's quick and harsh response in a letter to the editor.
Dec. 11, 2011 Facebook racial rants spur Jeffries' new push to make Finest live within five boros
Dec. 2, 2011 Lead detective charged in ticket-fixing probe; accused of trying to nail another cop without telling boss
Dec. 1, 2011 PBA questions retirement of Internal Affairs Bureau cop who led the NYPD ticket-fixing investigation
Nov. 24, 2011 PBA questions retirement of Internal Affairs Bureau cop who led the NYPD ticket-fixing investigation
Oct. 23, 2011 Cop morale low after string of NYPD scandals puts department under fire
Oct. 7, 2011 Teen gang member charged in shooting of off-duty cop
Sep. 14, 2011 Cop probed in ticket-fixing tried to commit suicide in subway ahead of being called to the stand
Aug. 22, 2011 'Son of Sam' law likely will prevent cop killer Lee Woods from getting one cent from lawsuit
Aug. 21, 2011 9/11 ten years later: For many, the battle still continues
Jun. 15, 2011 Manslaughter conviction of ex-cop Rafael Lora overturned by appeals court
Jun. 14, 2011 Police union board reelected despite ongoing ticket-fixing investigation
May 21, 2011 Judge revokes bail of an alleged cop shooter after prosecutors bring up previously sealed records.
Apr. 8, 2011 Emotions run high as George Villanueva pleads not guilty to murder of NYPD Officer Alain Schaberger
Mar. 30, 2011 Family of NYPD cop George Wong who died of cancer rages at city for taking body to disprove 9/11 tie
Mar. 4, 2011 Cops escape charges for Harlem block party shooting that left one man dead, six wounded
Feb. 9, 2011 Michael Daly: Angry Finest, Bravest say Mayor Bloomberg is out to rob city's heroes
Feb. 9, 2011 Enraged NYPD, FDNY unions cast Bloomberg as greedy “liar” out to “steal” pensions
Jan. 12, 2011 Cops should have laid low in 2008 fatal shooting, NYPD lawyer says
Jan. 7, 2011 Alleged cop shooter should slap city with suit for his own gun-battle wound, says lawyer


Dec. 23, 2010 Retired cop who plays Santa for families of fallen officers now in need of kidney transplant
Dec. 22, 2010 3 Slays & Out
Dec. 11, 2010 NYPD outraged as cop-shoot suspect Elijah Foster-Bey, 17, is freed from custody
Dec. 3, 2010 Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts would take 49 NYPD officers off streets
Nov. 29, 2010 Editorial: Senate Republicans must step up and pass Zadroga health bill for Ground Zero responders
Nov. 26, 2010 Cop killers must not be permitted to try to shop for sympathetic parole commissioners
Nov. 25, 2010 Cops mourn another victim of 9/11; some call on Washington to stop debating and pass Zadroga Bill
Nov. 22, 2010 Stop cop killers from manipulating parole hearings, police union says
Nov. 17, 2010 Pat Lynch skips Zadroga bill lobbying trip to Washington DC to honor fallen fellow officer David Mahmoud of the 75 Pct who died of 9/11 related cancer.  With the family's blessing, Lynch joined by hundreds of MOS spoke with the media about the urgent need to pass the Zadroga bill now. 
Nov. 10, 2010 The badges of 29 cops who died of Ground Zero-related illnesses will go on display in Congress in an attempt to build support for the Zadroga Act.
Oct. 27, 2010 Cop killer, accomplice plead not guilty to shooting day before murdering Officer Russel Timoshenko
Aug. 31, 2010 Editorial: Throw away the key: Cop killer trying to play the parole system must stay in prison
Aug. 31, 2010

Cop-killer Samuel Hamilton angles for lenient parole panel in hopes of release

Jul. 30, 2010 Cops' outrage as teen at center of Times Sq. Easter melee goes free
Jul. 29, 2010 Mayor Bloomberg to fight no-proof disability pensions for cops, firefighters and other city workers
Jun. 5, 2010 Shu'aib Raheem, who killed NYPD cop in 1973 botched robbery, to be released from prison
May 19, 2010 New York City cops slam President Obama, administration over delay of 9/11 cancer study
May 17, 2010 WTC veteran cop Robert Oswain, 42, dies from cancer
May 11, 2010 Alert cop finds flaw with handcuffs used in chain to transport several prisoners at once
Apr. 29, 2010 Ex-cop caught on video knocking bicyclist down not guilty of assault, guilty of falsifying complaint
Mar. 27, 2010 Convicted cop killer Lorenzo 'Fat Cat' Nichols offers 'sincerest apology' to victims in letter
Feb. 4, 2010 Cutting cops puts New York City at great risk of reliving “the bad ol' days”
Jan. 30, 2010 Police union chief Patrick Lynch says cops used 'necessary force' in Brooklyn beating caught on film
Jan. 25, 2010 Mayor Bloomberg's warning on Gov. Paterson's proposed $134B budget: It will cost city 18,500 jobs
Jan. 17, 2010 Community Board 12 chairwoman Adjoa Gzifa opposes move to rename street for slain police officer


Oct. 31, 2009 Cop killer's parole gets put on hold
Oct. 23, 2009 Heroism and horror: Detective James Zadroga's sacrifice at WTC must not be in vain
Oct. 18, 2009 Bloomberg set to sweep public safety nods with PBA - source
Oct. 14, 2009 Three heroes of 9/11 die of cancer in five days
Sep. 26, 2009 Parole postponed for cop killer Pablo Costello, who shot Officer David Guttenberg in 1978
Aug. 13, 2009 Editorial: New horror for heroes
Apr. 2, 2009 Cop-killer Lee Woods sentenced to life in prison plus 40 years for Timoshenko murder
Mar.18, 2009 Justice for cop killer: Murderer of Officer Russel Timoshenko gets the life sentence he deserves
Mar. 16, 2009 Jury find Lee Woods guilty on charges of murder, attempted murder of officer Russel Timoshenko
Jan. 10, 2009 Ex-'Sopranos' actor Lillo Brancato gets 10 years in prison for burglary that led to NYPD cop's death


Dec. 23, 2008 'Sopranos' actor Lillo Brancato cleared in murder of cop, convicted of attempted burglary
Dec. 22, 2008 Mistrial declared in case against third suspect in Timoshenko murder Lee Woods
Dec. 18, 2008 Robert Ellis acquitted of murder in Russel Timoshenko-slay trial; convicted of weapons possession
Dec. 18, 2008 Lillo Brancato's smirks spur fury as jury deliberates
Dec. 16, 2008 Ex-'Sopranos' actor Lillo Brancato takes stand at murder trial of NYPD cop
Dec. 12, 2008 Editorial: New health secretary Daschle must do the right thing for sick 9/11 responders
Dec. 11, 2008 Pols must remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry
Oct. 22, 2008 Labor leaders backing Bloomberg on term-limits extension
Oct. 15, 2008 Sister of Daniel Enchautegui weeps as suspect's lawyer blames the officer for his own death
Aug. 27, 2008 Finally, PBA and Mayor agree
Aug. 23, 2008 Editorial: Copping a fair contract
Aug. 22, 2008 17% pay raise just the ticket for NYPD
Aug. 22, 2008 New York's Finest get a little richer with new police contract
Aug. 12, 2008 Slayers' parole hearing grim day for cop's kin
Jul. 29, 2008 Rookie cop who decked cyclist was doing his job
May 19, 2008 State panel awards 10 percent pay hike to NYPD officers
Apr. 23, 2008 N.Y. cop mag listing Finer paying jobs
Apr. 5, 2008 Seattle not shy about luring NYPD cops
Apr. 4, 2008 Seattle Police Department scheming to steal cops from the shrinking NYPD
Mar. 20, 2008 Budget ax will force NYPD to slash ranks to lowest level in 16 years
Mar. 5, 2008 Jury clears man of shooting at cops; man still convicted on gun charge
Feb. 29, 2008 Museum exhibit in Brooklyn on police shootings draws fire from police union
Feb. 27, 2008 20 years ago, a cop was shot and NYPD began crushing drug gangs
Feb. 8, 2008 New parole hearing ordered for NY cop killer
Feb. 4, 2008 PBA faces trial over drunk cop
Feb. 1, 2008 Finest of the Finest
Jan. 19, 2008 MTA cops' salaries may surpass NYPD's
Jan. 17, 2008 PBA prez not in favor of cop grants


Dec. 7, 2007 Police seek to halt cop-killer's parole
Nov. 26, 2007 PERB Ad
Nov. 16, 2007 Half of Nassau County's new recruits from NYPD
Nov. 15, 2007 Lillo Brancato pal claims he never confessed to cop killing
Nov. 15, 2007 Gov. Eliot Spitzer will fight felons' lawsuit
Nov. 9, 2007 Life sentence for cop Dillon Stewart's killer
Nov. 8, 2007 Gov. Spitzer eyes deal in suit to spring heinous killers
Nov. 5, 2007 WTC cop's kin and politicians back Daily News on WTC panel
Nov. 1, 2007 Three NYPD suspended for alleged steroid use
Oct. 31, 2007 Police union trashes city
Oct. 26, 2007 You'll go to hell, shot cop rages at thug in court
Oct. 26, 2007 State police crushes city NYPD when it comes to recruiting
Oct. 22, 2007 PBA boss Patrick Lynch charges favoritism after deputy chief cleared in steroid case
Oct. 12, 2007 Killer convicted in death of cop Dillon Stewart
Sep. 20, 2007 Full-page ad on retention issues
Sep. 19, 2007 Web site mocks 9/11 attacks
Sep. 16, 2007 Thug set to go on trial in 2005 shooting of officer in Brooklyn
Sep. 15, 2007 Letter from Pat Lynch responding to editorial
Sep. 15, 2007 Editorial: New York in danger
Aug. 28, 2007 4% of 9/11 workers developed asthma: study
Jul. 30, 2007 Editorial: PBA out in the cold
Jul. 23, 2007 Editorial: Lynch's march to nowhere
Jul. 17, 2007 Tear my son's killers apart
Jul. 5, 2007 Cops in crisis
Jun. 21, 2007 Editorial: One hundred-proof proof
Jun. 20, 2007 Testing cops only right - Bell fiancee
Jun. 10, 2007 Letter to the Editor
Jun. 9, 2007 Mike talks tough on cop pay
Jun. 5, 2007 PBA sees peril in recruiting shortfall
May 22, 2007 It's a crime!
Apr. 30, 2007 Workers, ex-N.Y.ers from across the nation report WTC ailments
Apr. 30, 2007 Brass grasp at straw: Empty 'scarecrows' to slow speeders prove NYPD short-staffed, sez union
Apr. 27, 2007 Mike's no softie in cop pay talks
Mar. 3, 2007 Lucky rookie looks to quit cops for FDNY
Feb. 15, 2007 Guest editorial on pay issues
Feb. 15, 2007 Full-page ad on pay issues
Feb. 12, 2007 Low-pay recruits are forced to check out
Feb. 11, 2007 Memories of rookie cop — & decent pay
Feb. 7, 2007 Hero cops receive $500 rewards
Jan. 25, 2007 Cop rookies' pay 'bizarre' - Kelly
Jan. 20, 2007 "Don't hit me over cop pay"
Jan. 20, 2007 Pat Lynch's letter to the editor.
Jan. 15, 2007 Lots of Finest head to 'burbs
Jan. 9, 2007 LAPD rookies get double N.Y. pay
Jan. 8, 2007 Cops pay big price for 25G salary
See also Daily News stories from current year.


Dec. 7, 2006 Going-away gift for NYPD, FDNY nixed
Dec. 6, 2006 'My Friend is Dead'
Dec. 5, 2006 Pal of Sean begs, 'No violence'
Nov. 28, 2006 Bloomberg's goal is to calm the waters
Oct. 25, 2006 Enzyme Tied To WTC Ills May Explain Cough, Study Sez
Oct. 22, 2006 Suit-Happy Brothers Hit Finest a Fifth Time
Oct. 21, 2006 Mike & Cops in Pay Limbo
Oct. 20, 2006 Legal snarl imperils 9/11 heroes' kin aid
Sep. 20, 2006 Feds Cast Doubt
Sep. 15, 2006 No $2B for 9/11 heroes
Sep. 13, 2006 Kin push to keep cop killer jailed
Sep. 11, 2006 A husband's plea for tomorrow
Sep. 6, 2006 Health of 9-11 heroes at risk
Sep. 1, 2006 Win on 9/11 health
Aug. 14, 2006 Repaying a debt
July 2006 Three cartoons by William Bramhall
Jul. 28, 2006 'Secret' 9/11 lies?
Jul. 25, 2006 The making of a health disaster
Jul. 25, 2006 Fury of forgotten
Jul. 24, 2006 Death sentence
Jul. 24, 2006 Mayor's 9/11 vow
Jul. 23, 2006 Abandoned heroes
Jul. 9, 2006 PBA prez takes aim at Bloomy
Jul. 8, 2006 Mayor says police union has city handcuffed
Jun. 14, 2006 Judge Laura's Supreme slap
Jun. 11, 2006 City's Turn to Protect, Serve
May 24, 2006 City, PBA debate raises, rookie pay
May 19, 2006 City offers raises for new cops
May 8, 2006 Cops: We spy in subways to meet tix quotas
May 3, 2006 Unions, Mike in Interesting Spat
May 2, 2006 Shot Queens cop back on beat
May 2, 2006 No dad to guide him
Apr. 25, 2006 Shot cop sees thug get 25 years
Apr. 23, 2006 Opinion: Care for 9/11 Heroes
Apr. 3, 2006 Quinn urges city to spend $9.9M on cops' vests
Mar. 22, 2006 NYPD seeking 1,200 newbies to boost force
Feb. 16, 2006 Call it food (stamp) fight on cop pay
Feb. 12, 2006 Rookies are N.Y.'s poorest
Feb. 10, 2006 Judge sides with officers in job hunt
Feb. 9, 2006 Shot cop loses fight
Feb. 7, 2006 Release of cop records sought
Jan. 13, 2006 High honors for cops who saved knifed tot
Jan. 11, 2006 Officer racing to call collapses, then dies
Jan. 10. 2006 Recruits on the Cheap
Jan. 10. 2006 Actor & pal face Finest


Dec. 16, 2005 Labor bigs say TWU's fight for 'every worker'
Dec. 16, 2005 Mom aims at cop killers
Dec. 14, 2005 Not-Guilty Plea in Cop Slay
Dec. 14, 2005 Finest great Wohlberg packs it in
Dec. 13, 2005 Tough police law gaining support
Dec. 5, 2005 Pols aim for better gun database
Dec. 2, 2005 United by twin tragedies
Nov. 23, 2005 Let-'em-go Laura is dismissed
Nov. 16, 2005 Police union to give Eliot an early nod
Nov. 2, 2005 Want to Move to FDNY? Old Pay May Stay Behind
Oct. 23, 2005 Drug kingpin connected to murder of cop seeks early release
Oct. 22, 2005 Guilty in Zongo slaying
Sep. 27, 2005 Lower pay tied to copout on NYPD exam
Sep. 24, 2005 Lynch blasts cop video game
Sep. 21, 2005 Police, fire unions quiet on mayor race
Aug. 10, 2005 Police pay hike checks
Aug. 7, 2005 Cop widow fights on
Aug. 4, 2005 City cop killed in Iraq
Aug. 4, 2005 Just got engaged to fellow officer
Jul 25, 2005 PBA prez fights for reform, respect
Jul. 13, 2005 Kelly now raps lower start cop pay
Jun. 29, 2005 2005 duties, 1985 pay for NYPD's next rookies
Jun. 20, 2005 Violent game furor
Jun. 16, 2005 WTC pension bill signed by Pataki
Jun. 11, 2005 Cop probed as union funds vanish
Jun. 8, 2005 Finest turn Bravest as city talks lag
May 25, 2005 Pol wants amnesty for exiled cop killer
Apr. 26, 2005 Green light for Mike on stadium $
Apr. 23, 2005 No love for cop killer
Apr. 15, 2005 Silver mum on stadium go-ahead
Apr. 13, 2005 Cops vote for union dues hike
Apr. 6, 2005 IT'S NOT CHEAP to fight City Hall.
Mar. 18, 2005 He seeks parole — & a date
Mar. 8, 2005 It's a mistrial
Mar. 4, 2005 Cop union onboard vs booth closings
Mar. 3, 2005 Black marks in blue
Feb. 14, 2005 Horrific crash kills cop
Feb. 13, 2005 Should N.Y. felons vote? No
Feb. 9, 2005 City aims to beef up Finest ranks
Jan. 29, 2005 Mayor: Union hikes could bankrupt city
Jan. 23, 2005 Slain cop's family: Thug 'can't get out'


Dec. 25, 2004 Dis-union pains
Dec. 23, 2004 Cops shot boy's dog on roof, suit charges
Dec. 18, 2004 Mike warns of cop layoffs
Nov. 18, 2004 Cop gets 2nd shot at perp
Nov. 17, 2004 Let-'em-go Laura is slapped again
Nov. 4, 2004 Guilty of slay try in cop shooting
Nov. 4, 2004 Forgotten officers to be remembered
Oct. 23, 2004 Hizzoner unloads on PBA
Sep. 29, 2004 Widow fights to prevent cop-killer's parole
Sep. 18, 2004 He touched so many
Sep. 17, 2004 Outpouring for 2nd slain cop
Sep. 16, 2004 Little boy blue lauds 'great dad'
Sep. 3, 2004 Campaign to keep cop-killer in prison
Aug. 31, 2004 Beantown cops join N.Y. pickets
Aug. 28, 2004 Auxiliary Power to be Tapped by Finest
Aug. 26, 2004 Pickets must honor Mike's 30-ft. fence
Aug. 25, 2004 Unions send widows at Mike
Aug. 20, 2004 Swipes across the sea
Aug. 20, 2004 State takes action vs. side-door judge
Aug. 19, 2004 Moonlight rally irks Mike's block
Aug. 18, 2004 Cops, firemen swarm Mayor Mike's pad
Aug. 14, 2004 Union bigs scared — Mike
Aug. 12, 2004 Mayor hints at 8% increase; wants givebacks
Aug. 11, 2004 Cop, fire strikes looming for RNC
Jul. 29, 2004 NYPD, FDNY in strike cry
Jul. 19, 2004 Picketers to sprout at Garden
Jul. 17, 2004 Unions' Garden protest OKd
Jul. 16, 2004 Unions plan full 'court' press for OK to protest at Garden
Jul. 14, 2004 Commish alarmed by lethal weekend
Jul. 8, 2004 Mike: Pickets at Garden bad union tactic
Jul. 7, 2004 New twist in Blackburne row
Jun. 17, 2004 Blackburne pals ready to rally around judge
Jun. 16, 2004 Court sgt. balked at judge's order
Jun. 16, 2004 Courts to public: Keep out
Jun. 15, 2004 Judge taken down a notch
Jun. 15, 2004 No surprise she's in eye of storm again
Jun. 15, 2004 The judge paints herself into a very tight corner
Jun. 14, 2004 Judge who helped suspect escape arrest is reassigned
Jun. 14, 2004 Bloomberg rips jurist's judgment
Jun. 13, 2004 Editorial: Loony Laura lets one loose
Jun. 13, 2004 PAL center's name opens racial divide
Jun. 11, 2004 Judge Thwarts Arrest at Court
Jun. 10, 2004 Cop is indicted in Zongo slaying
Jun. 8, 2004 Big Three of unions rally today
May 24, 2004 1,700 sue over 9/11 sickness
Apr. 22, 2004 Cop, teacher, fire unions: Deal us out
Apr. 10, 2004 Judge hurls cops a spit wad
Apr. 8, 2004 Firemen & cops bond
Mar. 24, 2004 PBA: Crime stats false
Mar. 23, 2004 City, police union square off over crime-drop stats
Feb. 23, 2004 Key cop issue is money, PBA head tells WRKS
Feb. 12, 2004 Parole denied for cops' killer
Feb. 11, 2004 Police union: Kelly has to go
Feb. 6, 2004 Police bitter over biter
Feb. 5, 2004 Blue line vs. alleged cop-biter
Feb. 4, 2004 Suspect gnaws at cops
Feb. 4, 2004 Slain cop's kin urge release of one killer
Jan. 31, 2004 Opinion: Did Kelly jump the gun? Yes
Jan. 28, 2004 Blue boo Kelly
Jan. 26, 2004 Dueling views of roof shoot
Jan. 10, 2004 Mike: Unions don't deserve bigger piece of pie
Jan. 7, 2004 No parole, cop widow pleads
Jan. 6, 2004 PBA battles parole for 2
Jan. 6, 2004 Police pay plea plays on 42nd St.
Jan. 2, 2004 Ex-Fed's on PBA Side in Gray Case


Nov. 29, 2003 Vests give police 2nd shot at life
Nov. 18, 2003 Freed in cop shooting, he may have to pay $5M
Oct. 7, 2003 Suing con who shot him
Oct. 4, 2003 Unions spar on drug plan
Aug. 22, 2003 Disabled cop wins $3.4M in suit vs. perp
Aug 21, 2003 Pataki summons a veto on tix-writing quota ban
Aug. 10, 2003 Call 'Em NYPD Green
Jul. 30, 2003 Baseball challenge
Jul. 12, 2003 Probe battle of badges
Jun. 15, 2003 NYPD real blue over tickets
Jun. 8, 2003 Head Of Police Union Re-elected By A Landslide
May 29, 2003 Tixed-off man grilled by Mike aide
May 29, 2003 Quotas? What Quotas?
May 28, 2003 Kick in the pants for a mom-to-be
May 27, 2003 Ticket for what? Almost anything
May 16, 2003 Don't blame us for tix: PBA ad
May 15, 2003 Union: Cop notes show ticket push
May 14, 2003 A fine way to raise cash
May 13, 2003 Cops: Ticket punchy
Apr. 3, 2003 NYPD Blue may see pink
Mar. 14, 2003 Cops stare down S.I. slay suspect
Mar. 2, 2003 Mike defends 26G raise for top aide
Feb. 10, 2003 The thinning blue line
Jan. 24, 2003 Valentine linked to Mets by Sept. 11
Jan. 22, 2003 Mike belted with boos
Jan. 20, 2003 Cop tackles gunman
Jan. 17, 2003 Front page story on cuts
Jan. 15, 2003 As police retire, threat of layoffs may be eased
Jan. 14, 2003 The NYPD needs help, not more budget cuts
Jan. 13, 2002 Police aren't on firing line yet
Jan. 12, 2003 NYPD faces force cutback
Jan. 10, 2003 Blue swarm hits streets
Jan. 10, 2003 A Finest mess: Mike admits city might have to cut cops
Jan. 9, 2003 Commish may ax cops


Dec. 19, 2002 PBA to sue suspect freed in cop shoot
Dec. 19, 2002 Judges toss suits over 9/11 PBA fund
Dec. 11, 2002 Pension, pact wins for the PBA
Dec. 8, 2002 Mike aide: 8 firehouses to close
Dec. 8, 2002 PBA Holiday Party
Dec. 7, 2002 Shooting suspect walks
Nov. 20, 2002 Cop, fire unions fight city on tax
Nov. 16, 2002 Cops' ad blasts Mike on own show
Nov. 14, 2002 NAACP Backs Judge in Bail Furor
Oct. 23, 2002 Lynch at street renaming for P.O. Michael Buczek
Nov. 9, 2002 Enraged police rip judge
Nov. 8, 2002 Judge nixed in cop-bar bid
Nov. 6, 2002 2 more join protest against judge

Nov. 5, 2002

PBA warns judge: We're watching

Sep. 17, 2002 NYPD wants credit on defective vests
Sep. 5, 2002 Cops get an 11.5% pay boost
Aug. 28, 2002 Foe Hits Green on PBA Cash
Aug. 21, 2002 Wait & See by PBA on Contract
Aug. 20, 2002 Cops' pay is city's shame
Aug. 17, 2002 You asked for it, Mike tells cops
Aug. 16, 2002 Police rally for pay raises
Aug. 16, 2002 Hero's welcome from crowd
Aug. 15, 2002 Union says NYPD out to trip rally
Aug. 15, 2002 Cops Can't Put Praise in the Bank
Aug. 14, 2002 Web's jobs may click with cops
Aug. 14, 2002 Chuck's Pay Plan a Loser
Aug. 13, 2002 Cops, Firefighters to Rally in Times Square
Aug. 12, 2002 Pay-hike idea is panned
Jul. 25, 2002 Top cop, unions rip judge over naming narcs
Jul. 24, 2002 Civil Service: Ruling boosts Transit, Housing cops
Jul. 23, 2002 Only a Fair Raise Will Stop Cop Attrition
Jul. 20, 2002 Cops Rip Judge on ID Call
Jul. 13, 2002 Escapee Arrested Near L.A.
Jul. 12, 2002 Ex-Finest Seek to Teach
Jul. 11, 2002 160 Cops Break Ranks to Join PA
Jun. 27, 2002 Don't Parole '71 Killer of Cops, Widow Says
Jun. 11, 2002 Union Blames Cop Exodus on Low Pay
May 31, 2002 Solemn, Poignant, Wordless Tribute
Apr. 27, 2002 Fresh Faces for PA
Apr. 23, 2002 L.I. Snags 54 Finest
Apr. 18, 2002 Mike's Budget Says Trouble Dead Ahead
Apr. 17, 2002 Backup Plan for Budget Hits NYPD
Apr. 17, 2002 Filing Deadline for NYPD Exam
Apr. 17, 2002 New PBA Spokesman
Apr. 15, 2002 City May Lose Out On Security Aid, Hil Warns
Apr. 4, 2002 Louima Cop Lawyers Rip Feds
Apr. 4, 2002 Convicted Officer Rosario Gets New Hearing
Mar. 26, 2002 Ex-Louima Cop Faces New Raps
Mar. 24, 2002 A Final Farewell to Moira
Mar. 24, 2002 Movie Extra Became a Heroine
Mar. 21, 2002 Moira Recovered As the Skies Wept
Mar. 20, 2002 PBA to Vote on New Name
Mar. 20, 2002 12 Sickened After Police Academy Class
Mar. 8, 2002 2 Cops Remembered for Talent, Humanity
Mar. 8, 2002 Louima Cop Free on Bail
Mar. 7, 2002 2 Cops' Bodies Found
Mar. 7, 2002 Schwarz Out on Bail In Louima Brutality Case
Mar. 1, 2002 72 Bolting NYPD for PA
Mar. 1, 2002 Ex-Cops Cleared in Louima Case
Mar. 1, 2002 Sorrow and Joy at Louima Ruling
Mar. 1, 2002 A Loyal Wife's Day of Disbelief & Joy
Feb. 28, 2002 Court Overturns Convictions In Louima Torture Case
Feb. 23, 2002 No New Cash Seen For Cops
Feb. 15, 2002 Female Cop Hero Given Last Salute
Feb. 14, 2002 Kelly: Cops OK With Budget Cuts
Feb. 6, 2002 PBA Sez City Bent OT Rules
Jan. 10, 2002 Cop Killed in Attack is Finally Laid to Rest


Dec. 28, 2001 Failure Rate on Rise For Rookie Cops
Dec. 16, 2001 Sadly, Party for Children of Fallen Cops is Packed
Dec. 5, 2001 Solemn Salute to 30 Of City's Very Finest
Dec. 5, 2001 Little Girl as Special As Her NYPD Mom
Nov. 19, 2001 One for Fallen NYPD Hero
Nov. 11, 2001 Tears for Fallen Cops, Firefighters
Nov. 8, 2001

Tearful Salute To 2 Twin Tower Heroes

Oct. 27, 2001

2 Brothers Remembered As Heroes at Mass in L.I.

Oct. 25, 2001 Mighty Quinn on Driscoll
Oct. 20, 2001 Mayor of Emergency Service
Oct. 13, 2001

They Were Elite Cops, And People as Well

Oct. 12, 2001

Finishing Fallen Comrade's Job

Oct. 7, 2001

'God Called for Heroes To Rise Above Terror'

Oct. 6, 2001

2,000 Mourn Lost Officer

Oct. 4, 2001 He Died a Hero on His Last Day
Sep. 18, 2001

Outpouring for Lost Cops

Sep. 15, 2001 First Cop's Body Is Recovered
Sep. 12, 2001 Hundreds Dead Among Finest and the Bravest
July 28, 2001 Uniformed Workers Get 10% Raise
July 27, 2001 Big Break for Louima Cop
July 18, 2001 PBA Wins Round In Fight With City
July 9, 2001 Pat Lynch's Letter
May 3, 2001 Rudy Sees Red Over Cop Greenback Ad
Apr. 17, 2001 State Has Say Over Cop Pay: Judge
Jan. 12, 2001 Police Rally for a Raise
Jan. 11, 2001 NYPD Blue
Jan. 11, 2001 Editorial by Pat Lynch