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September 1, 2016, 7:59 PM



Trump-loving Milwaukee sheriff says 'blue lives matter' after being honored as PBA person of the year


Mayor de Blasio finally steps up his game to get rid of a law that hides NYPD cop's disciplinary records. (HOWARD SIMMONS/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

ALBANY — Declaring that “blue lives matter in America,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Thursday told New York City cops “you’ve been thrown overboard in this city by the political class.”

And he says they’re not alone.

Speaking at a Patrolmen's Benevolent Association event in Albany, where he was named the group’s person of the year, Clarke ripped “blowhard politicians” across the country and “hashtag activism” for seeking to cast the work cops do “not as honorable, but as hateful.”

Such attacks, he said, has given voice to cop haters.

“I won’t let cynics and those with biased political and anarchist objectives, regardless of their perceived standing or the loudness of their platform, to attack our profession’s character or out commitment to excellence,” he said in a well-received 35-minute speech that was part pep-talk, part attack on anti-police groups, and part Donald Trump endorsement.

He dismissed claims that police are targeting young minorities as “a lie. I reject it out of hand.”

His selection as the PBA’s person of the year had drawn criticism from civil rights groups and other critics who say Clarke has ignored what some say are widespread problems within law enforcement.

But Clarke argued the overwhelming percentage of Americans of all races support law enforcement.

Apart from the military, he said, no other job requires people to throw themselves into danger, adrenaline pumping and guns drawn, to protect the public.

“Who else works that way?” he asked. “Do surgeons? Do airline pilots? Do mayors?”

That last line drew loud applause from the city cops who have frequently been at odds with Mayor de Blasio.