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January 11, 2017, 4:48 PM



Readers sound off on Steven McDonald

Two blue teams mourn a hero

Hackensack, N.J.: This week the New York Rangers lost one of their most cherished icons. No, he never laced up a pair of skates or wore the blue shirt in an NHL game, but his legacy will forever be etched into the history of this prestigious franchise. The passing of Detective Steven McDonald has left an empty place, which may never be filled, in our Rangers family’s heart. Forget, just for a moment, Brian Leetch and Mark Messier and even Eddie Giacomin — McDonald was one of the bravest, toughest, selfless heroes to ever grace the Garden ice.

The Rangers have always been a class organization, and I recommend that the Madison Square Garden management also show some class and compassion. It should honor Detective McDonald by placing his NYPD badge number and name on a banner, and hang it high in the MSG rafters among the legends from the Knicks and the Rangers. A fitting tribute to a great man who made you proud to be a Rangers fan. RIP, Steven. 
Carl Sartori

Raise ‘Stanley’ for Steven

Plainview, L.I. : The only thing I didn’t like about Steven McDonald was that he forgave the unforgivable, but I sure admired him for it. And now, if there ever was a “Win one for the Gipper” moment, this is the time for the Rangers to win this year’s Stanley Cup for their superhero fan. 
Richard Siegelman

Missing a man of faith

Manhattan: Thank you, Daily News, for your tribute to Steven McDonald in honor of his grace and fortitude. His life was dedicated to his faith, family and being the best and kindest person he could possibly be in this sometimes cruel world. His forgiveness of his 15-year-old shooter, who left him paralyzed from the neck down, says it all about the man, along with his loving family. We will miss seeing his kind Irish face at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and at the Garden, watching our New York Rangers. God bless his dedicated wife, Patti, and brave son, Conor. 
Kathleen & Michael Reiner

Angel comes home

Bronx: When Police Officer Steven McDonald was shot and paralyzed in 1986, he made a choice. Where most would lie in their bed full of rage and self-pity, he chose to forgive. He asked, “How should I serve you now Lord?” He not only followed Christ, he led a Christ-like life. He preached forgiveness, kindness, charity and love, not just to his fellow officers, but to the most likely targets of drugs and gun violence. He took his crusade to inner-city schools and spoke to the children who needed this message the most. He could have stayed home and collected the same tax-free line-of-duty sick check doing nothing. But that was not enough. McDonald’s faith was so great, he could not keep it to himself. He will always be a hero to me. Not just because he was a cop and he was shot and he returned to work. McDonald is a hero to me for choosing forgiveness, kindness, faith, charity and love every day and bringing that message to those who needed it most. The good Lord has called him home. Love and prayers to all who loved Steven. 
Tara Benvenuto

Good choice

Bronx: Thanks, Daily News, for choosing Steven McDonald over the President for your Wednesday cover. It’s an affirmation of “we” over “me.” 
Gene Roman

Poor choice

Forest Hills: Whomever decides what goes on the front page showed total disrespect on Wednesday by putting Trump on the same page as Steven McDonald. McDonald gave his life for this city and his life changed due to violence. Trump has done nothing but show his hatred for people who aren’t like him, turn people against each other and incite violence. McDonald deserved the entire front page! 
Sherri Rosen